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KES Bathroom Replacement 7 Setting Chrome Shower Head

KES Bathroom Replacement 7 Setting Chrome Shower Head

If you are looking for a high-quality spray shower head, the KES bathroom replacement SEVEN setting in chrome is definitely an option to consider. With a universal G 1/2 connection that fits most shower hoses and seven different spray settings, the KES shower head is as pragmatic as it is elegant.

The body is made of engineering grade plastic, ABS, and this is highlighted by the seller. Rarely do you see listings of bathroom items highlighting the fact that the product is made of plastic, which tells you just how confident they are of the durability of the ABS.  Protected by a multi-layer chrome finish, the surface looks very elegant and attractive and will retain this appearance for years on end, resisting corrosion and scratches from the usual wear and tear.

Two color options are available, so you can choose between chrome and brushed nickel. And if you are willing to invest more money, or want to have the optional hose and wall holder, you can order the upgraded version which offers the same shower head only with additional elements.

Ergonomic design

The ergonomic design is spot on. It looks very expensive and provides a satisfying shower experience. The chrome finish and the sturdy plastic underneath will fool you into thinking that this is a brass-made shower head, which in terms of quality it can easily meet.

Durable and convenient

The high-quality plastic combined with the chrome finish really does set this shower head apart from the rest of the models. It is not particularly light and has a reasonable weight, so you know right away that it is a better quality product. So far, we haven’t had a single complaint in regards to quality or casual damage caused by usage. This is a very durable model that will lastly serve you a decade or so.

The seven spray options provide distinct spray modes and a combination of them as well. You can have rain, mist, massage and a variety of these combined. Switching between one mode and another is very easy and smooth, and the pressure is evenly distributed through the nozzles.

Specs and features:

– Premium quality plastic (ABS)
– Multi-layer chrome finish
– Very sturdy and durable
– 12 cm disc diameter
– 7 different spray options
– Universal G 1/2 connection
– 10 seconds to install
– Two color options (brushed nickel and chrome)
– Option to purchase an additional hose and wall mount
– Durable and reliable

Reviews, ratings, and scores from verified buyers

With over 100 reviews on Amazon UK, all from verified buyers, the verdict is very positive. Some of the customers complain about the lack of pressure when using the wall mount as opposed to holding the shower head with your arm.

If you have low water pressure, take this into consideration. In that case, we would recommend purchasing the shower head only and using it in your hand.


One of the best shower head models on the market, with an impressive variety of spray modes to choose from. If you like to have a durable, reliable and versatile shower head, look no further. Highly recommended!  For a selection of replacement shower heads, visit Furniture UK now!