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JVL Brown Screen Folding Free Standing Decorative

JVL Brown Screen Folding Free Standing Decorative

This modern looking partition will look beautiful in any room of the house. The bonded paper and wood construction is solid and when the screen is placed it is sturdy. It can be used to hide objects, divide the room and even create a workspace in the office.

So versatile

The JVL Brown Screen Folding Free Standing Decorative is a very versatile screen which can be used in the workplace or at home. In a large room it can divide up the space to create different areas, such as creating a dining room at the end of a lounge. In the bedroom it creates a privacy screen for changing and in the conservatory it makes an excellent sun shade.

Sturdy design

The partition has been built so it is sturdy when standing and strong enough to cope with everyday use. It has a wooden frame with woven bonded paper in between. It has three panels which have 2-way hinges providing more options for use. When it is not required it folds down for easy storage and can be carried easily from room to room.

Features and Specs

Contemporary design
Made from bonded paper and wood
Two-way hinges
Dimensions: Fully open: 172cm x 2cm x 120cm approximately
Dimensions: Fully folded: 172cm x 8.5cm x 40cm approximately

Customer reviews and scores

This partition is a good way to hide clutter to make your room look tidier, and Amazon customers have said it is lightweight, so it’s easy to move when not in use. It folds up neatly so it can be stored tidily, and although made from paper material it is strong and sturdy. If folded out too far it can become unstable, but if the panels are zig zagged it becomes stronger.


The contemporary design of the JVL Brown Screen Folding Free Standing Decorative is a style which will suit both modern and classic decor. It is easy to create the right shape thanks to the 2-way hinges and when set up the screen is a sturdy partition. With so many uses around the home, and at work, this is a good investment for any home.