Julian Bowen Oxford Pine Bookcase

Julian Bowen Oxford Pine Bookcase Review

Not many know it but a bookcase can be considered a necessary item in any home. While its books that come in mind, the bookcase also carries lots of other decorative items that have the effect of adding some elegance in any interior space. Controlling unwanted clutter is important and a quality bookcase is needed to help with this. Julian Bowen Oxford Pine Bookcase allows this to happen with ease. Whether it’s for your home, office or home office, such a choice as Julian Bowen Oxford Pine Bookcase can help you organise your home for lots of reasons.

Solid pine and finish

One of the best reasons why the Julian Bowen Oxford Pine Bookcase makes all the sense is its solid pine construction. The quality of the material is important to guarantee a long lasting service. It features tongue and groove panels towards the back, including two shelves that are also removable, allowing for adjustments whenever required. Depending on the use, a solid material means that you’ve quality furniture you are assured will be useful for as long as required.

Lacquered finish

The Julian Bowen Oxford Pine Bookcase obviously draws your eye to its solid construction and quality material. It has been crafted tastefully by creative craftsmen from the way it looks and the integrity of the entire construction once you’ve fully assembled it. Durable lacquered finish corresponds tastefully with most interior modern decor. The antique solid pine colour brings out the best of the bookshelf. With an easy to do self assembly at home, which is even simpler with two people, the contemporary stylish bookcase will transform any living space. Assembly instructions are included plus tools and a fitting kit.

Features and specs

  • Measures 82cm by 27cm by 109cm
  • Easy self-assembly
  • Durable lacquered finish
  • Stylish contemporary taste
  • Solid pine antique hue
  • 9 kilograms

Ratings and reviews from verified purchasers

A solid pine made bookcase from the two removable shelves to the groove and tongue back panels, the Julian Bowen Oxford Pine Bookcase is a wonderful way of decorating your home, giving your books a home and helping to deal with clutter. Verified buyers describe it as an ‘excellent unit’, ‘easy to assemble’, and ‘looks great’ with a ‘solid construction’.


With the right bookcase your home will never be the same again. The Julian Bowen Oxford Pine Bookcase is well recommended and looks great as well.

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