Julian Bowen Mandy White Set of 4 Chairs

Julian Bowen Mandy Set of 4 White Chairs Reviews Every modern stylish dining room deserves to be different, definitive and gorgeous whether in the kitchen or close to the living room. The Julian Bowen Mandy Set of 4 White Chairs easily transforms your dining space just like you want.

Lacquered finish and practical chairs The Julian Bowen Mandy Set of 4 White Chairs includes a set of four superbly looking chairs. Each has a stylish bentwood finish with legs made of modern chrome. It comes with assembly instructions, Mandy white chair and fitting tools and kit. They?re plain white quality chairs with a gloss finish. Specs and features

  • Includes four chairs in one pack
  • Chairs have a gloss finish
  • Includes fitting tools and kit as well as assembly instructions
  • Legs are chrome made
  • Weigh about 19 kilograms
  • White colour
  • Made of plastic and metal material
  • Chair dimension includes 44cm by 51cm by 88cm
  • Requires at least two people to self-assemble
  • Lacquered and painted
  • Elegant and chic
  • Chrome and laminated ply


Ratings and scores from real customers The Julian Bowen Mandy Set of 4 White Chairs includes pieces that are uniquely lacquered and painted with an elegant yet chic finish. They require two people for solid and comfortable self-assembly. The chairs have been reviewed in Amazon 21 times and hold a 4.6 star rating out of a possible five stars. A little splotch on the roving reviews is a customer who complained about being a little challenged when it came to putting up the chairs together. Nonetheless, most of the customers term the chairs as ?great, easy to put together, great value, and great price?and?comfortable to sit on?. Conclusion The Julian Bowen Mandy Set of 4 White Chairs has four pieces that are comfortable and a wonderful addition to any room. They come well recommended.

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