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Julian Bowen Coxmoor Oak Rectangular Dining Table

Julian Bowen Coxmoor Oak Rectangular Dining Table

The Julian Bowen Coxmoor Oak table is a classic and timeless piece of furniture that perfectly decorates any dining room. It comes with a lovely oil finish for a very contemporary look. Although it feels minimalistic and light, it is actually adequately heavy and sturdy. The natural wood and oily finish add warmth to any room, especially when you invite people over and decorate the table with food.

Solid American white oak

You can rarely find solid American white oak used in manufacturing, within this price category. And saying the price out loud will make you to double check this fact. But indeed, albeit this dining table costs less than 100 pounds (which is amazing on its own), it comes out of solid American white oak, that will last you for decades. You can notice the fine craftsmanship by observing the lines in the wood. It looks so natural.

Lovely oil finish

The oil finish on top is also a rarity within this price range. Here, it gives the table a sophisticated and contemporary look. In addition, the coating will provide for a decades-long protection that simply doesn’t wear off. Our dining room features two vintage looking lights hanging from above, and they perfectly decorate the table. What I particularly love about this table, is how the top reacts on yellow light from above- it looks very smooth, rich, and warm.

Features and specs:

  • American white oak
  • Lovely oil coating
  • Super affordable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Looks sophisticated and contemporary
  • Dimensions: Length- 118, width- 75, height- 75

Customer reviews and scores:

The Julien Bowen Coxmoor Oak table is one of the most reviewed items on Amazon. It wouldn’t surprise you to see that most of these reviews are super positive. The wood gives a velvety feel, and a barely noticeable lovely smell of linseed. The table is easy to assemble and would give any dining room a touch of warmth and sophisticated look.


The Julien Bowen Coxmoor table is definitely a great deal. It is super affordable, and won’t even compare in the price department with any other similar table. Yet, despite of how affordable it is, it features quality American oak, and lovely oil finish that add to its sophistication and warmth. It is a comfortable table, that is very easy to assemble, and you honestly cannot make a mistake with this one.

Author: C. McKenzie