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Julian Bowen Amsterdam Oak Double Bed

Julian Bowen Amsterdam Oak Double Bed

This is a bed with an extremely well made frame, which is solid, sturdy and heavy. The design is classic shaker and looks premium quality. Really satisfied with how easy it is to assemble and maintain. The lacquer finish preserves the color gradient of the wood, making it look just about enough natural, and protects the wood from surface wear and tear.

Sophisticated design

I especially love the fact that the head board is noticeably higher. This gives you the feeling that it is quite larger than it actually is. Captures the attention the moment you walk into the bedroom. Combine it with beautiful linen and lots of cushions and you have a luxury looking bed, for a very affordable price.

It is heavy and sturdy and looks very, very sophisticated. Outshines other bed items in the similar price range nine ways to Sunday…

Sturdy, well-balanced, fully sprung slatted base…

The fully sprung slatted base is what keeps you mattress around for additional 3-5 years. If not even more… It prevents mold forming under the mattress, even if you have high humid environment, as we have thanks to our PVC windows.

The Julian Bowen Amsterdam Oak Double Bed is extra heavy and looks robust as well. It is well balanced, doesn’t move regardless of how you like to change positions during sleep, and so far it doesn’t produce any noise even with sudden changes of resting position.

Features and specs:

  • Oak and premium oak veneers
  • Fully sprung slatted base
  • Easy to assemble
  • Fine lacquer finish on top for extra durability
  • Heavy and sturdy
  • Traditional style, looks very attractive

Customer reviews and scores

This Julian Bowen Amsterdam oak double bed is more than people can hope for the money. Online reviews praise the sturdiness and design, and many people appreciate the fully sprung slatted base that adds extra comfort and extends mattress life.


All in all, this is an amazing piece of furniture. If you ask me, the Julien Bowen product lines hardly ever disappoint, and this is definitely one of the more affordable and stylish products on the market. I like the stability and weight of the bed, and the fact that it comes with a fully sprung slatted base for extra comfort and allows air to circulate freely. Don’t hesitate and buy this amazing bed if they have it in stock.

Author: Teresa S.