Jali 2 Door Large Sideboard

Jali 2 Door Large Sideboard Review Sometimes a home deserves a unique piece of furniture that not only meets the needs of its immediate environment but also looks stunning in its own right. The Jali 2 Door Large Sideboard is such a sideboard, large enough to meet the needs of your dining room, kitchen, living room or hallway. Sheesham wooden made The spectacular Jali 2 Door Large Sideboard is made from 100 percent Indian Sheesham wood. It?s a sideboard that?ll definitely meet the needs of any room you put it into, whether it?s the kitchen or dining where cutlery, china and glassware needs to be kept close by and safe or the living room or hallway where collectibles, antiquities and photos need to be safely displayed on the flat top while its six drawers offer extra storage space that perfectly keeps other smaller items safe; the two cupboards and their internal shelf add even more space. Specs and features

  • Zero assembly needed
  • Iron cast Indian Jali inspired detailing
  • Crafted from Sheesham Indian wood
  • Measures 1350mm in width, 800mm in height and 400mm in depth
  • Inner drawers size is 310cmm in width, 75mm in height and 320mm in depth
  • Cupboard size is 435mm in width, 280mm in height and 320mm in depth
  • Lower cupboard has a size of 350mm depth, 210mm height and 435mm width

  Ratings and scores from verified buyers The Jali 2 Door Large Sideboard arrives fully assembled and a wonderful addition to any room. It has been reviewed in Amazon and holds a 5.0 star rating out of a possible five stars. Verified purchasers describe it as a ?fabulous sideboard, solidly constructed sideboard, contemporary in feel, ready made and solid and brilliant furniture piece?. Conclusion The Jali 2 Door Large Sideboard is a superbly already assembled solid piece of craftsmanship that?s well recommended by verified purchasers. Definitely worth checking out.

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