Irish Furniture and Homewares Three Years of Burgeoning Exhibitions and Deals

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Between 20th and 23rd August 2016, the Irish Furniture and Homewares Show 2016 will kick off at the National Show Centre in Dublin. The Irish premier homewares and furniture trade display brings innovation and design under a single roof where over 100 different businesses are brought together in the event.

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The Irish Furniture and Homewares Show 2016 is the third since the show started. It gives both UK and Irish businesses the chance to engage in business within a wonderful and relaxed environment with furniture trade being the agenda. Attendees meet under a welcoming surrounding where they're able to view great innovative ideas and fresh products, access exclusive deals as well as discounts all within the biggest furniture show in Ireland.

The Venue

The Irish Furniture and Homewares Show takes place inside a modern conference and exhibition venue close to the Dublin Airport. From the M1, the National Show Centre is two minutes away while the M50 is just four minutes away. The closeness to the Dublin Airport makes the centre a strategic exhibition area and not easy to miss. Attendees are also guaranteed a place to stay since there're so many hotels around the Show centre. This makes it a very strategic location and highly convenient for exhibitors and delegates as well.

Registration and attendance

Irish Furniture and Homewares Show require that businesses register to attend. The show is free to enter but not open to the general public, rather trade customers only. The show team actually contacts each registered attendee to confirm their trade credentials before the registration is fully complete.

Expanded exhibitions

The third event of the Irish Furniture and Homewares Show has also expanded its exhibition area and includes even more exhibitors who'll be showcasing their homewares and furniture products to more than 1000 trade buyers in Ireland attending the display. It’s touted as the larger of all the other two events. A huge contingent of exhibitors is expected to exhibit at the furniture show, such as Sofa Source, TCS Imports, Lebus Upholstery, Julian Bowen, Global Bowen, Global Home, Furniture Link, Kettle Interiors, Derry's, Classic Furniture, Buoyant, Blue Bone and Annaghmore.

Others include Image Furnishings, Abbey Furniture, Scatter Box, Arch Furniture, Balmoral, Bluebone, Bobby Harper Agencies, Brennan's Furniture and Carpets, Burswood Furniture, Irish Celtic Art Studio, Richard Heath Furniture Ltd, Rugrats, Classic Furniture, World Furniture Emerald Upholstery and Breasley, among others. The show happens to be the biggest trade fair of its own kind across Ireland and connects over 70 exhibitors who will make it to the venue.

The first Irish Furniture and Homewares Show that took place in 2014 at Dublin's National Show Centre had 24 exhibitors at first, who included Bluebone, Annaghmore, Heartlands, World Furniture, Sofa Source, Gleneagle Furniture, Image Furnishings and Gannon's Furniture, among others.

The event organiser, Mark Gannon, had intimated that the event would be bringing UK and Irish furniture trade businesses together in a tranquil surrounding where the attendees will be able to view new and creative products, access great discounts and deals and enjoy innovative, special and original ideas from the diverse furniture and homewares businesses exhibiting. Essentially, the event was created after the furniture fair, Dublin event was cancelled.

Record first Irish Furniture show

In the second Irish Furniture and Homewares Show 2015, around 50 individual furniture and homeware business were brought together.  This followed the success of the initial show, which saw lots of different exhibitors interested in the Dublin show. The first event attracted over 600 attendees who transacted around €5 million in various homeware and furniture deals for the four days the show took place.

Due to the huge positive feedback from past years Irish Furniture and Homewares Show promises to continue being a wonderful and excellent experience for all attendees. Together with the exhibition hall’s newly expanded space, there’s enough room to house more than 70 homeware and furniture exhibitors from around the UK and Ireland. The show seeks to keep on glowing and growing in leaps and bounds and promises something for every trade attendee. The 2016 event is expected to feature Norah Casey, a guest celebrity judge who’ll be reviewing all the shows entries.

Who needs to attend?

Anyone who would like to source or buy new homeware products and innovative furniture, from retailers, contract buyers, interior designers and other trade customers. Anyone attending the show is promised great and exclusive deals that are not available anywhere else.

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