Homescapes Dakota Solid Mango Hard Wood Trunk Coffee Table with Drawers

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Homescapes Dakota Solid Mango Hard Wood DVD Trunk Coffee Table with Drawers, Oak Finish This Dakota solid mango wood dvd trunk coffee table is manufactured in the region of Jodhpur in India. Dakota are the only company that use mango wood. It comes in a dark red or rich oak finish and is a very sturdy, strong table. Mango is a hard wood which means one of these tables could at you a lifetime. The mango wood comes from sustainable forests and the proceeds of each sale go toward the welfare of crafsmen in India so you can be sure you are doing your bit. A stylish addition to your homesick This beautifully hand crafted coffee table will look great in any home, it is chunkier than normal coffee tables due to the type of wood. You can choose the colour finish to suit your home, a rich dark red or a rich oak. It has 8 drawers, 4 each side which are the perfect size for DVDs so that you can hide them away and have sleek lines in your lounge. Specifications and features:

  • The dimensions are 115 x 55 x 42 cm
  • 8 solid drawers for dvds
  • Chunky made
  • Choice 2 finishes red or oak
  • Hand-crafted
  • Sustainable mango wood unique to Dakota
  • Proceeds go toward the welfare of poor craftsmen in India

  Scores and ratings: The Homescapes Dakota Solid Mango Hard Wood DVD Trunk Coffee Table with Drawers, has 5 out of 5 stars rating. Customers were delighted with its quality and beauty. It is a very strong, hard wood table set to last a lifetime. Customers also liked the fact that the wood came from sustainable forests and that some of their money would go toward the welfare of craftsmen in Jodhpur, India. Conclusion This is a beautifully crafted coffee table and is sure to be a talking point when visitors arrive. It is uniquely made from mango wood which is a very attractive hard wood. The craftsmanship is so good and the wood so resilient that this coffee table would be set to last a lifetime. The 4 drawers offer a modern twist by housing your DVDs. The wood is seasoned and treated to environmentally friendly standards.

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