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Home Discount Corona 1 Drawer Pine Console Table With Shelf

Home Discount Corona 1 Drawer Pine Console Table with Shelf

If you are determined to buy several console tables that match, and want to scatter them throughout the house as we did, then this is very likely the best choice you’ll make if buying online.

Honestly, I bought this console table in order to test the quality, before coming back to Amazon, and ordering 4 additional ones. Cannot tell you how satisfied I am, waiting for the other pieces to arrive.

This is probably the cheapest console table you’ll find (and by a huge margin when compared to the rest), yet equally strong, durable and elegant.

Amazing style and quality

Made out of pine wood, it is as strong as you’d expect from a much more expensive console table. It is not particularly heavy, but on the balance side of things, nicely balanced and convenient for daily use. The drawer slides without any friction, and the surface is waxed in order to achieve protection of the wood as well as provide you with the desired antique and distressed finish.

Easy to assemble and the lowest price you’ll ever find

Flat packed and delivered, you’ll have to assemble this for yourself. The process is easy though, and won’t take you more than ten minutes if you read the instruction carefully.

The price still surprises me, and I cannot get in touch with the fact that it costs 4 times less than competitor items of equal quality and similar style.

The Home discount Corona 1 drawer pine console table with shelf is definitely your best pick if you want to purchase matching furniture, and use them throughout the home. I placed this one in my hallway, and plan to use the next 4 in our living room and bedroom.

Features and specs:

  • Looks rustic and sophisticated
  • Quality construction
  • Attention to detail
  • Distressed and antique finish
  • Dimension: W 52.5 x D 34 x H 72.8 Cm Approx.
  • Super affordable

Customer reviews and scores

With more than 300 reviews on Amazon, this is definitely one of the bestselling furniture items. People love what they get for the price, and complement the overall quality, as well as unit size, attention to detail, and rustic appeal.


The Home discount Corona 1 drawer pine console table with shelf is your number one choice if you are after affordable console tables, and want to buy more than one for your home. Even if you don’t plan to buy a couple, you’d still save more than 100 pounds, even when compared with the next closest furniture item.

Author: Gina R.