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Hiendure Wall Mount 8 inch Rainfall Shower Head

Hiendure Wall Mount 8 inch Rainfall Shower Head

If you are after minimalism and elegance, the Hiendure Wall mount 8-inch rainfall round shower head is a spectacle of neat design and unmatched performance. The model features a 20 cm diameter disc, which is only 2 mm thin. Made entirely of solid stainless steel, it includes the arm (wall mount), plus the 1.5 m flexible hose.

The design is spectacular, making the shower head look far more expensive than it actually is, but it is also convenient as well. Regardless of the water pressure, it provides an evenly distributed and very satisfying stream of water. Each of the nozzles is functional when the shower is in use, and you will feel unprecedented comfort when standing underneath. The model is chrome finished, which means that it will retain its look and clean surface for years on end, very likely even after a decade. Having in mind the wall placement, and the fixed position, expect this shower to last far longer than any competing model.

Quality, durability and attractive design

The price, though perhaps slightly higher, is not enough of a reason to exclude this model from any selection of affordable bathroom items. Similar types of shower setups would offer much less – with some of them selling for the same price but without the hose or arm.

The highlight here, though, is elegance, premium quality thanks to the solid stainless steel, and of course durability. Nobody wants to replace the shower head every 3 or so years, and with this model, you won’t have to.

The connection standard is G1/2 so it will be easy to install into any bathroom. The pressure won’t be a problem as well, though it might introduce a difference in performance. Everything above 0.5 bars is great though.

Specs and features:

– Solid stainless steel
– Plated in chrome
– 8 inches (20 cm) diameter
– Other size and shape options available
– Reasonable price
– Elegant design that commands attention
– 1.5 m flexible hose
– Rubber nozzles – easy to clean
– No plastic or fragile parts
– Wall mounted
– 40 cm distance from the wall
– 1.38 Kg weight
– Connection standard: G1/2

Reviews, ratings, and scores from verified buyers

With 200 reviews on Amazon UK, this model is one of the most popular on the market. And it is easy to see why. People love the rainfall effect that feels satisfying, and the 40 cm distance from the wall which gives plenty of room to shower comfortably. Some people are complaining about the installation process, saying that it is not exactly easy. I’m doing the plumbing in my home for years now so my comment cannot really be representative, but if you never had to install a pipe, definitely call a plumber or someone else to help you.


Definitely one of my favorite models, the Hiendure Wall mount 8-inch rainfall round shower head is as popular in our store as it is on Amazon UK. If you need a premium quality stainless steel model, that is wall mounted, reliable, and durable while offering excellent performance, do not hesitate even for a second. Some of the sizes might be out of stock, so make sure to order the moment they fill their inventory. Most highly recommended! Buy the Hiendure Wall Mount 8 inch Rainfall Shower Head at Furniture UK, now!