Heywood Solid Oak Guest Bed

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Heywood Solid Oak Guest Bed

The Heywood Solid oak guest bed is amazingly convenient and super comfortable oak furniture that comes at a fairly affordable price. The height of the single bed is comfortable enough, and you won’t even notice there is another mattress or mechanism underneath if you cover the bed with longer linens. It is perfect for kids stay overs, especially if you have a large family and frequent visits by cousins or relatives.

Two separate beds or one huge king size bed

The great thing about the folding mechanism is that it can be used in two ways. Either place the beds side by side, separated from one another, or combine them together in order to create a super king size bed that can very comfortably be used by two tall adults.

The folding mechanism is easy to use and doesn’t require extra force or additional help. And unlike other guest beds with similar folding mechanisms, this one won’t squeak nor make any noise while folded and used by a single person.

Premium quality

The material is 100% solid oak, which definitely makes a huge difference, and is hard to find within this price range. Considering the material, fine lacquer finish for added protection, and the super functional mechanism, you’d really expect to pay more for this guest bed.

Features and specs:

  •        Mechanism that transforms the single bed into two separate beds
  •        Can be positioned so that it forms a single king size bed
  •         100% solid oak timbers used for production
  •         No mattress with this deal
  •         Main bed features a 200 x 90 mattress
  •         Support bed features a 190 x 90 mattress
  •         Wooden slats supplied

Customer reviews and scores

Not many reviews for this product online, but few that exist focus on the sturdiness and ease of use regarding the mechanism. People also love that there is no need to oil the wood as time goes by, for the lacquer finish will protect this oak furniture for decades to come, without it loosing color.


The Heywood solid oak guest bed is one of the best in its category, considering both price as well as features. It can be used as a single bed as well, without you noticing there is another mattress or folding mechanism underneath. Produced with solid oak and fine lacquer finish, this bed will last you a lifetime. The ways in which you can use this bed are as a single bed, two separate single beds, or one super king size double bed.

Author: Pascal H.

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