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Heavy Duty Ornate Brolly Umbrella Stand

Heavy Duty Ornate Brolly Umbrella Stand

The Heavy Duty Ornate Brolly Umbrella Stand has a natural vintage look. It is made from cast iron so it is solid and sturdy and won’t topple over. It holds umbrellas, walking sticks and hockey sticks neatly and the tray at the bottom holds any drips so you can store them while they are still wet. The detailing gives the stand a very elegant look for any home.

Vintage look

The stand is constructed from cast iron, which gives it a rustic and vintage appearance. The back has ornate detailing which is both attractive and provides a solid base. The iron will continue to weather the longer you have the stand, and this will add a natural and charming look to your hallway. It can even be kept outside the back door as it is weatherproof.

Practical storage

The umbrella stand is sturdy and will hold several umbrellas and walking sticks safely. It can also be used for other items, such as hockey sticks and even tennis rackets. The bottom of the stand has a tray which will hold any drips which may drain off umbrellas, and this can help protect your floor. It can be wiped over easily to prevent to keep it clean and looking like new.

Features and Specs

Cast iron umbrella stand
Holds umbrellas, walking sticks, hockey sticks and tennis rackets
Can be used outside or indoors
Lovely ornate design
Easy to assemble
Ages naturally for a rustic look
Dimensions: 52cm x 34cm x 16cm

Customer reviews and scores

While the Heavy Duty Ornate Brolly Umbrella Stand is better for longer umbrellas, it can also be used for walking sticks and tennis rackets. It is easy to assemble and very sturdy and it can hold several umbrellas at the same time. The iron gives it an authentic vintage look, while the design makes it very pretty. It does not topple over and looks excellent in larger hallways or outside a porch.


This beautiful umbrella stand is designed to get better with age, thanks to the iron which it is made with. It is strong and reliable and gives you the option of keeping your umbrellas and walking sticks in a tidy place. The tray at the bottom holds all drips so your floor doesn’t get wet and it can be kept indoors or outside. It’s a quality stand at a very affordable price. Find the best cast iron umbrella stands at Furniture Online UK!