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Hampton Solid Oak Extending Dining Table

Hampton Solid Oak Extending Dining Table

The Hampton dining table is the latest addition to our living/dining room, and my wife and I are very pleased to say that we’re not looking for a furniture replacement any time soon. Made out of 100% quality oak material, featuring no veneers or MDF, this table really commands attention. It looks sturdy, and you can tell that it is heavy as well, given how massive and balanced it appears.

Extension mechanism done well

For most dining tables we previously owned, even back in the old apartment, the extension mechanisms were poorly made and would normally give in under pressure and extra weight. Not here though. We love big family gatherings, and this table can really handle such occasions. The extension mechanism is located under the center and it is nicely tucked in, adding weight and stability. It rests on a solid frame, able to handle a lot of weight.

Hand made by skilled craftsmen

Put together with quality oak, you can notice that this table doesn’t feature finger joint pieces of wood, but whole panels instead. This simply adds to the quality of craftsmanship, and it does look custom made. The oak material doesn’t feature veneer or MDF and it will last you a lifetime.

To assure this, they’ve added lacquer oil coating on top, which still allows for the natural color to surface, without giving the dining table a usual cheap looking glow.

Features and specs:

  • 100% quality oak wood
  • Handmade by skilled craftsmen
  • Includes a reliable extension mechanism
  • Sturdy and heavy
  • Doesn’t use finger joint pieces of wood
  • Quality lacquer oil coating
  • 12 months warranty
  • Dimensions: length 120-160, width- 80, height- 76

Customer reviews and scores

Fast delivery, and easy to assemble considering how heavy and sturdy this table is. The price is affordable, having in mind what you get for the money. Customers are delighted with the natural look, different color graining, as well as the extension mechanism that seems to be custom built. I guess this is what you get when you order quality handcrafted furniture.


I cannot be more pleased with this order, and would recommend the Hampton solid oak extending dining table to anyone with a spacious enough dining room. This furniture item is amazing for family gatherings and the wood looks very welcoming and adding warmth, which is something I hear a lot of people mention when buying oak furniture. The Hampton Solid Oak Extending Dining Table is a Furniture UK recommended product.

Author: Jeremy C.