Furniture Care

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Irrespective of the particular product, there is no denying that proper care of it will not only prolong its life but will also keep it in the pristine condition you love to see and which makes it a valued part of your home.

Many people, including us, tend to see that proper furniture care is essentially a way of protecting your investment. It stands to reason that if you’ve spent time and effort choosing a piece of furniture for your home or garden as well as actually spending money on it then keeping it in the best of health and appearance is an extension of that time and effort. Although different pieces of furniture should and will have differing advice on their care and, where necessary, their restoration there are some general tips which can be applied to all items of furniture.

The Arrangements

It seems obvious to state that the sun’s rays can dramatically alter the shape and tone of a variety of wood and textiles and many homeowners recognise a patch of discoloured carpet in particularly sunny rooms so it’s very important when deciding on a home for your new furniture that you keep it out of direct sunlight and wherever possible rearrange the room or the arrangement of your furniture on a regular basis to ensure that it receives an even amount of light.

These minor alterations and changes will also ensure that upholstery receives an even amount of wear and tear rather than a spot which is frequently used being worn out before the rest of the piece.


Any spill, scald or dirt should be immediately removed. If not, even the most innocent of foreign objects could irreparably damage your furniture. Wherever possible, heat and cold protection should be used when in contact with leather, wood and upholstery.

To remove stains and spills, it’s essential to use a soft cloth which won’t distress or scratch the surface of the furniture and to only use cleaning products approved by the manufacturer. This point is especially important if you have a warranty on a certain item where inappropriate cleaning may actually void your agreement.

Regular Care and Rules

Many manufacturers of upholstery and furniture items recommend that a thorough clean of the product takes place once a week to remove any dirt or grit which could cause abrasion and to lay down the rules very firmly in relation to shoes, pets and food items near the furniture.


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