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Rustic Chunky Pine Wood Coffee Table

Solid Rustic Handmade Pine Coffee Table Review

One of the best feelings is taking home a coffee table that was seemingly made just for your kind of living space, blending superbly with the interior decor and bringing out the best of the surroundings. With the Solid Rustic Handmade Pine Coffee Table you’ve such unique handmade furniture with rustic finishes timeless in its design. Its sturdy and ultimately solid construction give the idea of a product so bespoke it can transform any living room. Its unique traits actually make it a highly desirable addition to any home.

Handcrafted with usefulness in mind

The best furniture to add into your home is a coffee table that actually meets your needs and appears as if it was made just for your interior. From the lounge to the living room, a coffee table brings out something special in a modern space, especially if it’s rustic, handmade and well crafted with some thought. With rustic choices being all the range it’s possible the Solid Rustic Handmade Pine Coffee Table will blend perfectly with all the other furniture pieces of a similar finish in your home, especially due to every inch having been sanded to a perfect fine finish with all the knots spaced evenly to leave behind that timeless country and rugged appearance.

Solid coffee table

Apart from the obvious thought put in crafting the Solid Rustic Handmade Pine Coffee Table, it’s obviously a solid piece considering the solid pine used in its construction and the chunkiness of the wood. It exudes a comfortable and satisfying look that begets warmth in any interior. It’s also superbly complete and there’s no need to prepare for any home assembly. Special preparation has obviously been observed to make the wood and make of the coffee table very strong even for its 20 kilogram weight.

Specs and features

  • 20 kilograms
  • Handmade
  • Measures 60cm by 50cm by 10cm
  • No self-assembly required
  • Solid pine

Customer reviews and ratings

The Solid Rustic Handmade Pine Coffee Table is a stunning piece of furniture already complete without any need to prepare tools to put it together. It means a solid piece of furniture for your living room that customers have referred to as ‘good solid table’, ‘sturdy coffee table’, ‘worthy every penny’ and ‘great price’.


Well recommended by customers, the Solid Rustic Handmade Pine Coffee Table is a great addition to a modern living room without the need to think or prepare for home assembly.