Functions of a dressing table

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A brief history

Eighteenth century France is where the first dressing tables originated from. Women wrapped their cosmetic items in linen before storing them in dressing tables.

Where is a dressing table used?

Women have traditionally had their dressing tables placed in the bedroom or another special dressing area. This allows them to do their hair and make-up in a private space.

Monaco Oak Dresser and Mirror with Drawers

Functions of a dressing table

Dressing tables are normally used as a place to apply cosmetics. Some come from a smaller number of modest drawers, while others have a number of different storage options and may also have large mirrors. Dressing tables have long been characterful features of a room.


A wide variety of items such as jewellery boxes, perfume bottles, make up sets, hand mirrors and combs tend to appear on dressing tables.


Dressing tables provide many options for storage of such items as make up items and little bottles.

Accent piece

Features such as intricate engravings tend to make dressing tables even more characterful additions to a room.

Features of a dressing table

Birlea Aztec Black High Gloss Dressing Table And Mirror Set

Features of dressing tables include drawers, and you could have as few as three or as many as eight. A mirror, either separately provided or attached to the top, is another common feature. A stool or small chair should also be provided with your dressing table.

Choosing a dressing table

You will need to ask yourself, when looking for the right dressing table, the amount of storage space you require, in addition to whether an attached mirror is also desirable. You will naturally also want to ensure that it matches the rest of your bedroom’s features. You can make sure that your dressing table never clashes with your décor by choosing which has a neutral colour.

How to look after a dressing table

You can keep your dressing table in a great condition by keeping it clean. Your routine should include giving the wood a polish with beeswax. Also ensure that you avoid any discolouration of the wood by keeping it away from direct sunlight.  The mirror can be cleaned with paper towels or newspaper and window cleaner or vinegar so that it looks shiny and smudge-free.




Dressing table assembly guide

If you have purchased a flat packed dressing table, take the time first to ensure that no parts are missing. We recommend that you lay down a blanket before you start assembling so that no damage is sustained to the table.


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