French Farmhouse Solid Oak Coffee Table

French Farmhouse Solid Oak Coffee Table

Bought this one last year when we renovated the home. After placing tiles for the floor in our living room, this French farmhouse solid oak coffee table was the perfect choice. It is rustic and inspired by antique French furniture, which makes it look more expensive than it actually is. The table is of extra quality, very heavy and durable, and features solid oak, unlike others where lots of veneer or MDF is being used. It is convenient and stylish, and we now have a premium coffee table while still staying within budget.

Premium quality

Antique inspired design usually means expensive looking. And you cannot get away with veneer or cheap wood if you want to achieve that. Handcrafted by skilled joiners, this French farmhouse solid oak coffee table is designed with quality in mind. You will notice the huge attention to detail, which means polished edges, millimeter perfect lines, and attractive looking engravings.

The wax is applied by hand, and meant to protect the wood for decades to come. It however, preserves the natural gradient of the timber, and only adds a protective coat without making the table look cheap.

Beautiful design

People like contemporary tables, and that’s fine, but rustic and antique ones command much more attention. And since you’ll be showcasing this one by placing it in the center of your living room, design, if you ask me, is of crucial importance.

Similar tables would easily sell way above the 300 price range.

Features and specs:

  • 100% solid oak timber
  • No veneers or MDF used
  • Protective coat applied by hand
  • Stunning and attractive design
  • Convenient
  • Perfect in size
  • Solid, sturdy and heavy

Customer reviews and scores

Customers value the quality and design, as well as the sturdiness, weight, and quick delivery. Few online reviews compare this one with similar items from much, much more expensive furniture stores.

I’m very pleased with the quality, and love how nice it fits into our new tile-covered living room.


Don’t hesitate to buy this one, because you’ll be getting exactly what is showed online. Premium materials, put together with care, just as if it was a custom made piece of furniture that costs double the price. This French Farmhouse solid oak coffee table is definitely what you need if you want an antique piece of furniture for the price of buying a contemporary item.

Author: NJ.

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