Freestanding Acrylic White Bath Tub 1550 cm

Freestanding Acrylic White Bath Tub 1550 cm

Apart from being spacious, the Freestanding Bath Tub Acrylic White has a great design that will blend with just about any bathroom perfectly. Its recommended highly for a number of reasons.

Practical yet stylish

The freestanding bath tub in acrylic white comes with edges smoothly finished in a curved elegant shape blending both practicality and great style. It`s a freestanding bath made of 4mm double skinned high quality acrylic and white in colour. The modern bath has a 25-year guarantee, a mark of quality and manufacturers trust of their product.

Specifications and features

  • It has a with of 750mm and a length of 1550mm
  • Uniquely freestanding type of bath
  • Made of stylish modern materials
  • High quality 4mm double skinned acrylic
  • Guarantees of 25 years usage

Verified customers Scores and ratings

Every lovely bath that`s practically useful and stylish has a sumptuous design and very spacious for a relaxing time in it. The Freestanding Bath Tub Acrylic White finished edges, smoothly done, and a curved shape make it both beautiful and fashionable. Its white double skinned acrylic material is superbly done. Currently, the Freestanding Bath Tub has been rated once by a verified customer. The satisfied customer indicates how happy she is with the product, considering its very nice design. The Freestanding Bath Tub Acrylic White does its job perfectly, provided at a good price and has a design worth recommending anyone.


We all want a bathroom product that really works and does the work its supposed to perfectly. The Freestanding Acrylic White Bath Tub 1550 cm means quality times in the bathroom considering its practical, stylish and lovely design. We highly recommend the bath to anyone looking to add or get a new bath for themselves or the family. The pretty functional design is very admirable.

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