Flintshire Furniture Pentre Hard Wood Natural Oak Guest Bed

Flintshire Furniture Pentre Hard Wood Natural Oak Guest Bed

Bought this bed last year for my daughter, because she was bringing her friends frequently for a sleepover and mainly because she likes the height! She didn’t ask for a guest bed specifically, so I had to improvise and buy this one instead of buying two separate beds for double the price. When covered with longer bed linen, you won’t notice that it’s a guest bed at all. The mechanism and the mattress are impossible to spot, and as far as comfort goes, you cannot notice there is difference as well.

A lot of comfort for the money

I’ve had previous experience with guest beds before and from what I can tell, you cannot quite find one that fits this price range without compromising on important features. Like for example, forget about sturdy and sound free… But whereas other beds are usually squeaky and noisy, this one you’d never notice it has a mechanism underneath.


The great thing about this Flintshire Furniture Pentre Hard Wood Natural Oak Guest Bed is that you can use in in three different varieties. Either as a single bed, or as two single beds, and even as a one large king size bed. This makes it convenient for a number of combinations like for example when you have family guests over and you have to rearrange all the furniture in your home. This will save you a lot of headache there.

Features and specs:

  • 100% solid oak
  • No veneers or MDF used
  • Wooden slats for extra comfort
  • Convenient
  • Use as one single, two singles, or one king size
  • Fine lacquer finish
  • Main bed W 97cm x L 207cm x H 58cm
  • Other bed W 93cm x L 195cm

Customer reviews and scores

Many customer reviews for this product, which really gave me the confidence to go and buy online. Most of them agree how easy it is to assemble the bed, and how much value you are getting for your money.


This Flintshire guest bed is an excellent choice if you want to decorate a kids room but at the same time want to have extra convenience and comfort. Instead of rearranging furniture around the home, you simply pull the support bed, which is in fact a full size single bed that is extra comfortable and reliable. Super satisfied with it so far, and my daughter loves it.

Author: Gina F.

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