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Flexson Black Floorstand for SONOS PLAY:1

Flexson Black Floorstand for SONOS PLAY:1

This is a pair of speaker stands specifically designed for the SONOS PLAY:1. The Flexson Black Floorstand for SONOS PLAY:1 holds the speakers firmly in place so that they give the best sounds. They come with a cable management system and a choice of either spikes, to keep them steady on a carpet, or gel pads for hard floors.

Bespoke stands

The pair of speaker stands are specifically designed for the SONOS PLAY:1 speakers. They hold the speakers firmly in place at a height of 82 cm which allows the sound to play clearly all around the room. Speakers placed on the floor can result in dampened acoustics and damaged speakers. These stands help protect the speakers while helping you to get the best result. The slim design means they are easy to move and the base can be slipped under a chair so they use the minimum of room.

Sturdy and strong

The Flexson Black Floorstand for SONOS PLAY:1 has a solid design to hold your speakers safely. It has a metal construction for added stability and the base has a choice of carpet spikes or gel pads so it will stay rigidly in place without damaging the floor. Cable management is included to help keep the room tidy as the cable can be tucked away inside a channel along the base of the stand.

Features and Specs

Pair of speaker stands
Bespoke stands for SONOS PLAY:1
Speaker height: 820mm
Cable management included
Slim design
Easy to assemble and position
Precision engineered in England

Customer reviews and scores

Customers are very happy to recommend these speaker stands as they really do improve the speakers’ acoustics. While they are slim and easy to move, they do need to be positioned close to an electrical socket, but the cable management channel does mean there are no cables to trip over. They are an exact fit for the SONOS PLAY:1 speakers and they are sturdy and will not move on any floor surface, thanks to the option of carpet spikes or gel pads.


The bespoke design of these speaker stands fits the SONOS PLAY:1 speakers perfectly. They help with the sound quality, and they are designed to sit firmly and not to topple over. The cable management channel helps to keep the cables tidy and the slim design means they can sit out of the way and don’t take up too much space.