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Flexson Black Single Floorstand for SONOS PLAY:1

Flexson Black Single Floorstand for SONOS PLAY:1

The Flexson Black Single Floorstand for SONOS PLAY:1 is custom designed to keep a SONOS PLAY:1 speaker at the optimal height. Easy to assemble it has either gel pads or carpet spikes for stability on any floor surface and a cable management to help keep the room tidy.

Optimal sound

The stand has been designed to hold a SONOS PLAY:1 speaker at a height of 820mm. This means the speaker is not on the floor where the sound can be dampened and not up too high where the acoustics can be affected. The stand can be used on its own or as part of a pair and can be easily positioned to help you get exactly the right sound you want. The base will slip neatly under a chair or it can be positioned out of the way in the corner of the room.

Slim design

The stand has a pleasing slim design which is strong and sturdy. The metal stand will not fall over with the speaker attached so you can be confident it will do its job. There is a channel along one side where the cable can be tucked in, which helps to keep the room neater and tidier. The base comes with either gel pads or carpet spikes so whether you have a hardwood floor or carpeting, it will not slip.

Features and Specs

Bespoke stand for SONOS PLAY:1
Speaker height: 820mm
Cable management
Slim design
Easy to assemble and position
Precision engineered in England

Customer reviews and scores

The Flexson Black Single Floorstand for SONOS PLAY:1 has received a positive response from customers. The cable management system is very useful but it does mean the speakers have to be sited closer to an electrical socket. They are a perfect stand for the SONOS PLAY:1 as the speaker is an exact fit. They do make the sound quality better and they will stand on either hard or carpeted floors.


If you have a SONOS PLAY:1 speaker, then this is the stand to have. It is set to exactly the right height so that the sound quality form the speaker is at its best. It has a groove for the cable to keep it tucked out of sight, and the stand is slim and sleek in appearance. It is easy to assemble and fits neatly in a lounge or a bedroom.