Eve UK King Size White/Yellow Mattress

Eve UK King Mattress

While Eve mattresses are well known, Eve UK King Mattress isn't just affordable but made with next-generation premium foam balancing durability, exquisiteness and comfort with some level of bounce.

Superb for allergy sufferers

Not always do those with allergies have their affairs taken care of, but in this Eve UK King Mattress they have been. The mattress is great for those with allergies due to its anti-dust mite properties.

Memory foam layers

The mattress is manufactured with memory foam in three layers with each layer critical in adding the much needed support, breathability and comfort. It comes wrapped in a plush, lovely fabric cover, including one hundred nights to try it out; test the Eve UK King Mattress for 100 days and return if you dont like it within that time.

Transcendently comfortable

The Eve UK King Mattress highly supports the body by ensuring the pressure points have been eased, enhancing the users alignment guaranteeing that the person has woken up rejuvenated and recharged for the new day.

Specs and features

  • Three premium layers, a new generation type of foam as the top layer for comfort
  • Adds comfort by providing full body support and a little movement bounce
  • A comforting surface in a medium-firm mattress for great support

Scores and customer ratings

The Eve UK King Mattress is a good quality mattress and highly affordable. It has 89 reviews in Amazon with an average of 4.6 star rating out of five stars. Apart from a customer who had her delivery bag mixed up and had to be returned, which was obviously cumbersome, the general agreement from verified purchasers is that the mattress is firm enough and comfy with another indicating it has provided the best sleep hes ever had.


Eve UK King Mattress, which is white and yellow in colour is a rather medium firm mattress and highly affordable. Its worth checking out. Check out our Eve Mattress Reviews!

4.6 (91.67%) 12 votes