Etm Polycarbonate Non Slip Chair Mat for Carpets

Etm Polycarbonate Non Slip Chair Mat for Carpets

The etm® Polycarbonate Round Protective Floor Mat For Short/Medium Pile Carpets can help protect your carpet or floor from damage by furniture. Made from polycarbonate, it is tough and it is also transparent so you can see your carpet or floor through it.

Use with all furniture

The protective mat is ideal if you have a home office as it can help prevent damage by the castors on an office chair. The back of the mat is studded so it stays in place when you move your chair around and it has an ergonomic design which can help to minimise leg and muscle fatigue caused by moving the chair. It can also be used with other furniture so that the legs don’t damage the carpet or floor.

Strong design

The mat has been made from 100% polycarbonate, which will not crack, curl or break. It is scratch resistant and is transparent so that you can still see your floor or carpet through it. If used on a carpet is it suitable for a pile of up to 2cm and it is also safe to be used with under floor heating. It is also a good way to protect a hallway from dirt as it can be wiped clean very easily.

Features and Specs

Transparent chair mat
Made from 100% pure polycarbonate
Designed to protect the carpet from chair castors
Can be used underneath other furniture
Reduces the risk of leg fatigue
Will not crack, curl, break, scratch or discolour with normal use
Studded underside holds the mat firmly in place
Suitable for high pile carpets (Max. pile 2cm) and under floor heating

Customer reviews and scores

The etm® Polycarbonate Round Protective Floor Mat For Short/Medium Pile Carpets has been received very positively on Amazon. It allows the chair to glide freely and is tough and durable. It lays flat and does not bend or crack, and protects the carpet well. It has been compared favourably to plastic mats and customers feel that this mat is so much better. Although it’s not the cheapest mat available, customers do agree that it is worth paying that bit extra for.


This mat lies flat, is strong and allows chairs to slide smoothly. It grips on the underside so it does not slip and is ideal for use with office chairs. It can be used with any furniture to protect the floor or carpet, and it is designed to allow the floor to show through.

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