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Etm Dirt Trapper Mat SKY Anthracite/Mottled

Etm Dirt Trapper Mat SKY Anthracite/Mottled Review

There is no reason why dirt should enter your home while there?s something you can actually do about it. With a doormat of the best quality and effective in its dirt stopping and wet trapping characteristics you can be sure no mud and dirt will make its way into your home. The choices are immense, but with the etm Dirt Trapper Mat SKY 90x600cm you have a doormat you can actually trust.

Dirt trapping elegant solution

The etm Dirt Trapper Mat SKY 90x600cm is a trapper that actually stops dirt, wet and mud from making its way into your home or commercial area through the footwear of human traffic or paws of your pets passing through it. With different sizes available that meet all manner of demands you can be sure of finding one that meets your needs. For deep pile carpets you might want to choose an anti-slip type of underlay that prevents any kind of creeping.

Specifications and features

  • Greyish in colour
  • Fabric material
  • Measures 90 by 600 by 0.7 centimetres
  • Ultra absorbent by absorbing up to ten litres of dirt as well as six litres of wet
  • Best for outdoor and indoor usage
  • The colour is a quality and long lasting
  • Mat is UV-resistant
  • Rubber edging positions the floor mat firmly preventing trip hazards
  • Mat is washable at about 30øC
  • Non-staining/non-slip type of rubber backing

Scores and ratings from verified purchasers

The etm Dirt Trapper Mat SKY 90x600cm has been reviewed 20 times in Amazon and holds a 4.3 star rating out of a possible five stars. A little blurb on the ratings is a customer who thought the delivery took a bit longer, which isn't a general concern. Nonetheless, many customers describe it as exactly what we needed, highly recommended, excellent size, looks good and great size.


The Etm Dirt Trapper Mat SKY Anthracite/Mottled is a mat worth checking out while looking for the ideal dirt, mud and wet trapper and stopper from entering your home or commercial premises.