Etm Everest Floor Dirt Trapper Mat Sky

etm Everest Floor Dirt Trapper Mat SKY Review

Every hallway or entryway to the house needs to have a quality dirt-trapping doormat to stop wetness, mud and dirt from making its way inside. With diverse choices out there the etm Everest Floor Dirt Trapper Mat SKY is a choice worth looking into.

Quality entrance way dirt stopper

The etm Everest Floor Dirt Trapper Mat SKY is an absorbent type of mat and soft polypropylene pile to have in your home or office due to its ability to lift dry, greasy and wet dirt from paws, wheels or shoes. Made of absorbent fibers, it is crafted to get into the hidden crevices of all footwear to absorb a maximum ten liters of real dirt as well as six liters of wet. The doormat is thus the perfect solution for office, home or garden use that is easy to clean using a hoover apart from being washable at around 30øC. The mat is also UV resistant and feature non-slip type of backing and it wont slip or move while in use. It is also hard wearing and attractive in price with the rubber edging maintaining the mat firmly in position to prevent tripping and sliding hazards.

Specs and features

  • A long life quality colour
  • Non-staining non-slip type of rubber backing
  • Washable at about 30øC
  • Resistant to UV
  • Absorbs six litres of wetness and ten litres of dirt
  • Best for outdoor and indoor use
  • A long lasting doormat

Scores, ratings and reviews from verified buyers

The etm Everest Floor Dirt Trapper Mat SKY has been reviewed in Amazon 164 times and holds a 4.4 star rating out of a potential five stars. One customer thought it was a little small than he thought, although majority of verified buyers describe it as great mat for the front and back entrances, does the job, reasonably priced and good quality.


Definitely worth checking out, etm Everest Floor Dirt Trapper Mat SKY has a lot of satisfied buyers.

4.5 (90%) 8 votes