ER Healthy Sit / Stand Desktop Computer Workstation

ER Healthy Sit-stand Desktop Computer Workstation Review When it comes to the office, whether a home office or outside there in your place of work you need a quality modern desk with all the perks of a quality working environment. With the ER Healthy Sit-stand Desktop Computer Workstation you?ve a unique piece a modern office definitely requires. Practical and healthy workstation The ER Healthy Sit-stand Desktop Computer Workstation is superbly height adjustable and once on top of your current desk you can easily work as comfortably as possible from either a standing or sitting position; made with ergonomic comfort in mind. The desk offers an easy to use standing desk option that transforms into a tabletop and a place to work even while standing up. Once you?ve placed it on open surface you can just stand and get down to work. The desk saves a lot of space since it?s adjustable up and down and you can sit within the desktop?s footprint and be more productive. It remains stable across the motion range and you can lean freely on it as you work without any worry of height drop or tip. As a two-tier type of design it comes with a separate deck for a mouse or keyboard offering lots of room for accessories and other basics. Specs and features

  • Height adjustable desk
  • Allows you to work from a standing or sitting position
  • Saves space
  • Two-tier design with a mouse/keyboard separate deck
  • Features spring assisted type of lift mechanism
  • Holds 40 kilograms
  • Stable and sturdy even when fully extended
  • Arrives fully assembled
  • Enhances your health, productivity and energy

  Scores and ratings from real buyers The ER Healthy Sit-stand has already been reviewed thirteen times in Amazon and holds a 4.7 star rating out of five stars. Customers describe it as great bargain, sturdy, easy to adjust, fits two wide monitors, convenient and decent. Conclusion The ER Healthy Sit-stand Desktop Computer Workstation arrives fully assembled and well recommended by Furniture UK!

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