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Edward Hopper White Large 7 Drawer Chest

Edward Hopper White Large 7 Drawer Chest

This wide chest seven drawer furniture piece or dresser is a fantastic spacious storage unit to add in your home. We recommend Edward Hopper white 7 drawer chest like other real buyers for obvious reasons.

Large and spacious chest of drawers

The Edward Hopper white 7 drawer chest elegantly sits on well tapered legs that give out a highly stunning yet modern feel. Its a valuable large chest with enough space to store all those personal belongings you have in mind. The solid wood made spacious drawers also has metal runners for convenient access including handles made of chrome. Its shipped fully assembled.

Specs and features

  • Shipped fully assembled
  • Measures 140cm by 85cm by 42cm
  • Finished with a white matt
  • Chrome handles and metal runners
  • Seven spacious drawers-4 large drawers and 3 smaller drawers
  • Delivered around the UK with few exceptions

Customer ratings and reviews

Edward Hopper white 7 drawer chest is a unique dresser to add to any bedroom, with its solid wood frame and spacious storage space. If you have a large wall mirror or thinking of one you will love this dresser with four large drawers and smaller three drawers, all spacious and handy in a bedroom. The Edward Hopper chest has 16 reviews in Amazon with 4.9 star rating out of a possible five stars. It comes highly recommended with the only four stars out of five received from the 16 reviewers being that the customer didn't know it will be larger than she thought. On the other hand, other real customers term it a stylish, solid piece of furniture of excellent quality, beautiful and worth every penny.


Edward Hopper white 7 drawer chest is a unique storage unit of great quality that real customer highly recommend. Its definitely worth checking out if you are looking for a storage unit to add and de-clutter your bedroom.