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144 Bottle Dark Oak Stained Wood Galvanised Metal Wine Rack

144 Bottle Dark Oak Stained Wood and Galvanised Metal Wine Rack Review

When you want a wine rack that's readily assembled, striking and useful you need one that really works. The Double depth 144-bottle dark oak, stained wood and galvanised type of metal wine rack is a wonderful choice worth thinking about and looking into for obvious reasons.

Oak stained and metal galvanised

One of the strengths of the 144-bottle wine rack with dark oak stained wood and galvanised metal is that it has the ability to boost the storage capacity of wine bottles. The double depth spacious wine racks area is exactly the best when it comes to the optimum use of a wall area at the same easing wine collection access. Delivered assembled, wine rack has a dark oak stained metal pine finish and galvanized with steel. Together with other wine racks within the same range, the 144-bottle wine rack can be fitted perfectly through a clip system to come up with a customised wine sized rack system.

Specs and features

  • No assembly needed and arrives ready to use
  • Space for large holding bottles with a maximum 97mm diameter
  • Assembled wine rack size in metrics measures 81cm by 81cm by 53.3cm
  • Imperial size measurements are 32inches by 32inches by 21 inches
  • Perfect for optimum wall area usage offering ease of wine access
  • Galvanised metal and dark oak stained wood finish

Scores and ratings

The Double depth wine rack holding 144 bottles finished in dark oak stained wood as well as perfectly galvanised with metal offers a wonderful, safe and effective way of storing your precious bottles of wine. The wine rack has been rated and reviewed in Amazon and holds a 5.0-star rating out of five stars. A customer described it as one that solved their wine storage problems, takes diverse types of bottles, zero damage in transit and has a nice touch.


This wine rack is worth checking out for some extra space to store your wine safely.