Divan Bed with Ortho Mattress Headboard and 2 drawers

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Divan Bed with Ortho Mattress Headboard and 2 drawers Review

Whether you've had spine problems or just want a comfortable, firm bed with great body support finding the right bed is not always easy. This Divan Bed with Ortho Mattress is unique and goes with your body's shape for a comfortable sleep and rejuvenated body when you wake up. There're different reasons why this Divan bed is exactly what you're looking for.

Total back support

Perfectly made Divan bed with an ortho mattress for total back support, the Divan Bed with Ortho Mattress has a modern design. Its base units are black faux leather fabric completed and provided in two halves. The ortho tufted mattress has polyester fillings of fibre with a damask quality Belgium fabric finishing it, essentially softer than a woollen type.

Headboard and two drawers

The Divan Bed with Ortho Mattress also comes with a headboard and two drawers for extra storage. You can actually choose the side you'd like the drawers to be on prior to dispatch.

Specs and features

  • Headboard included is black faux leather, including the divan base
  • Includes a tufted ortho type of mattress
  • Two extra storage drawers on opposite or same side depending on what you want
  • Front door delivery

Reviews and scores from customers

Out of a possible five stars the Divan Bed with Ortho Mattress Headboard and 2 drawers has an impressive 4.3 stars after 323 verified customer purchase reviews. A negative review among them is largely on the affordability of the bed for the quality projected, with a customer claiming the price seems a little cheap. The average overall agreement is that the Divan Bed with Ortho Mattress bed has a really great price, very comfortable and great with some saying amazingly spot on for their hurting or operated spine and that it's an excellent bed at an excellent price!


From its modern design and comfortable quality and hundreds of reviews it's hard not to recommend the Divan Bed with Ortho Mattress bed. Hundreds of verifiable purchasers have expressed delight in it and might be exactly what you have always wanted to spruce your bedroom. Save

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