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Designer Rug Modern with Contour Pattern Grey Black Red

Designer Rug Modern with Contour Pattern Grey Black Red

This stylish and modern rug will look simply amazing anywhere in the home. It is hand woven and made from 100% polypropylene so it is hard wearing and soft. It contains no harmless substances and the pattern and short pile will make a vibrant statement in any room.

Nice family rug

The Designer Rug Modern with Contour Pattern Grey Black Red is a good choice of rug for a family or a house with pets. The pattern is not only modern, but the pile is short and soft, so it’s comfortable for children and easy to vacuum. The rug has been tested and meets Okotex 100 standards as it does not contain any harmful substances so you know that children can play on it safely. It is also tough and hardwearing to cope with being used every day.

Livens up everywhere

This rug has been built to handle lots of use, so it can be used anywhere in the home. The pattern will brighten any colour scheme and it even copes with high traffic areas such as the hallway and as they are easy to care for, they can even be used in the kitchen. Lounges and bedrooms will look very stylish with this rug, which even copes with under floor heating.

Features and Specs

Modern design
Hand woven
100% Polypropylene
Pile height: 13 mm
Weight: 2850 g/m²
Ökotex 100, Tested for Harmful Substances
Can be used with under floor heating

Customer reviews and scores

While a few customers raise concerns about the quality of the Designer Rug Modern with Contour Pattern Grey Black Red, most customers are more than happy to recommend it. It looks better than it does in the photographs, and customers and their families are buying more than one. It is lovely and soft, well made and copes well with everyday use. It is easy to clean, making it a good purchase for families or for households with pets.


This gorgeous rug has a designer pattern, but it is easily affordable for any home. It is tough, well made and easy to clean and has been tested for harmful substances, so it is a good choice for children and pets. The sturdy design mean it can be used in high traffic areas, including the kitchen. The colours and pattern create a modern feel, which will brighten up any room.