Daylight Company Brushed Chrome Vogue Floor Lamp

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Daylight Company Brushed Chrome Vogue Floor Lamp

The Daylight Company Brushed Chrome Vogue Floor Lamp has a wonderful contemporary look while creating a natural daylight effect. The stem is slim and the chrome finish will blend in to any room. The solid base makes it strong and it is an excellent lamp for reading or working.

Natural light effect

The floor lamp has a daylight bulb, which creates an effect similar to natural daylight. This can help anyone who suffers with depression during the winter months, and the natural light effect can also help to reduce eye strain and headaches. The light makes it easier to concentrate on reading or other tasks and it also helps the elderly and people with eye problems to read more clearly.

Elegant design

The Daylight Company Brushed Chrome Vogue Floor Lamp has a lovely round shade in cream and a chrome stem and base. The slim stem and heavy base are pleasing to look at and strong and sturdy. The neck is flexible so the angle of the light can be adjusted to make it easier to see. You can also order a magnifying glass as an optional extra which clips on the stem, which helps even further with reading or sewing.

Features and Specs

Cream satin fabric shade
Flexible neck
20W daylight energy saving bulb included
Ideal reading or hobby lamp
Brushed chrome finish
13cm Magnifier on flexible arm, available as accessory (D91707)

Customer reviews and scores

Customers who have purchased this lamp have said they have had less eyestrain since using it. It is very useful at night as it creates a natural bright light which makes reading and close work much easier. The flexible neck is easy to position and the style and colour matches all decor. The light is lovely and clear and the lamp is solid and robust. Customers use it during the day as well as it creates a better light during winter months.


This lamp is not only useful during winter but during summer too. While it can help with Seasonal Affective Disorder and help get rid of headaches it also creates a natural light effect for summer nights too. The neck is easy to move so the lamp can always be in the right position and the slim, elegant design suits all rooms. For the best range of floor lamps, browse Furniture UK!

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