Curlew Oak Wooden Double Bed

Curlew Oak Wooden Double Bed

About 3 weeks using the bed, I can say it’s comfortable and really convenient. Doesn’t make any noise, which is very important to me (replaced the old one because of this), and it offers a lot of storage space that unlike with other beds is neatly arranged and easy to access. The design is really attractive, definitely adding class to your bedroom, and my wife is especially in love with it.

Neat storage space

Not only that the storage space is huge according to most standards, it’s nicely organized, drawers look good, and are easy to use- unlike other beds where you have to lift the mattress and make the linens again afterwards. Here, you don’t have to go through all of that every single time you decide to get something from underneath.

Stunning design

Out of all the beds I’ve come across, this one captured my attention right away – and for a good reason. Not only that the oak material is super high quality, and the wax finish is smooth, but the overall design is stunning. The way in which the drawers are incorporated into the design, and how the main panels are placed, it really makes this bed unique. The vertical stripes also give a lot of charm, as well as the rectangular engravings and the shape of the each panel.

The way the lower panel is shaped is done with great attention to detail, so you can never hurt your ankles if your legs happen to cross the mattress, giving you the option to also sit with your legs in front of the bed. All of this and it still looks that you have an attractive panel in front.

Features and specs:

  • Extra wide and slated base
  • Stunning design
  • 4 drawers for convenient storage
  • 2 attractive main panels
  • 12 months warranty

Customer reviews and scores:

Many reviews on the net appreciate the quality of the material used as well as the storage solution, which perfectly blends into the design, while being extra convenient. People love how the Curlew Oak Wooden Double Bed looks, and say it is not particularly hard to put together, especially if you have a helping hand.


So far we are super satisfied with the Curlew oak bed, and it is more than we’ve asked for in terms of design, comfort and convenience in the storage department. This is a premium bed and doesn’t spoil your expectations.

Author: Michael D.

4.5 (90%) 8 votes