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Cotswold Solid Oak 4ft 6 Double Bed

Cotswold Solid Oak 4ft 6 Double Bed

The Cotswold solid oak double bed is our anniversary treat we bought last year, and so far we’ve been more than happy with it. Unlike other wooden beds, this one doesn’t produce any sounds or squeaking regardless of how you move during sleep. It is a very sturdy and heavy bed, that looks grandiose and quality made.

Handmade from quality oak

Built by skilled craftsmen after the oak timbers were kiln drilled and adequately seasoned, the wood is premium quality. 100% solid oak and no veneers or MDF used anywhere in the product. This is a rare case considering the price range and the bed size in question.

Beautiful finish

Unlike most of the other oak furniture you’d find within this price range, the Cotswold solid oak double bed features a darker hue that is rare to see with oak furniture. That’s because unlike other items sold within this rage, this bed has a darker finish before adding the fine lacquer waxing on top. This will ensure greater durability, but also make your bed look sophisticated and warm.

Features and specs:

  • 100% solid oak
  • Handmade by skilled craftsmen
  • 12 months warranty
  • No veneers or MDF used
  • Fine lacquer waxing for added protection
  • Prior finish for more elegant darker hue

Customer reviews and scores

Customers are satisfied with the overall design and quality of this bed, and note how the wooden slats that are provided are also 100% solid oak, which is rarely the case with oak furniture, especially within price range. Easy to assemble, within 15 minutes or so, and everything fits perfectly in place.


The Cotswold solid oak double bed is an excellent addition to your bedroom, and will probably last you a lifetime. It is a quality piece of furniture, which looks warm and sophisticated. Easy to clean and maintain and after one year of use it still doesn’t produce any sounds or squeaking.

I’d recommend this bed to anyone who wants to own solid oak furniture, but doesn’t want to pay more than 500 pounds in expensive shops around the country. Delivery is fast and reliable, and the bed is assembled within 15 minutes or so. Read my  Cotswold Solid Oak 4ft 6 Double Bed review at Furniture UK!

Author: Jason B.