Cotswold Rustic Solid Oak Nest Of Tables

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Cotswold Rustic Solid Oak Nest of Tables

Finally something sophisticated for our apartment. We are not used to buying premium quality furniture, and ordered most of our items from IKEA and garage sales. This one though is a real treat. It looks elegant and sophisticated, has an expensive looking rustic appeal, and is made out of 100% real quality oak.

Unlike other nests of tables, it is chunky, sturdy and weights more, which gives him improved balance, durability and perceived quality.

Sophisticated – looks very expensive

If you are looking for a rustic set of tables that people will complement often, this is definitely the one. I especially love the darker oak hue, and how chunky the legs are even for the smallest table.

The top is very thick, and carefully shaped, having these interesting custom-like curvatures. The top panels feature this deep engraved rectangular shape, which only adds to the feeling that this is a premium quality item put together, by hand, by very skilled craftsmen.

Premium quality

The warranty on this Cotswold rustic solid oak nest of tables is full 12 months, which reinforces the fact that this is a premium quality item. Made out of 100% solid oak, without veneer or MDF used anywhere in this product, it resembles top of the line furniture that comes from quality and pricey shops around the country.

I’ve also read that each piece is adequately seasoned and kiln dried until it is ready for processing.

This on the other hand, will cost you way less.

Features and specs:

  • 100% solid oak
  • No veneer or MDF used
  • Handcrafted by skilled professionals
  • Hand waxed to perfection
  • Darker oak hue
  • Chunky and sturdy
  • Ultra-durable
  • 12 months warranty
  • Dimension: 36 x 59 x 49 cm

Customer reviews and scores

Almost all of the reviews are super positive. People say that the quality exceeds expectations, and that the tables look phenomenal and stunning. Delivery is fast, and there is no need to assemble anything. They arrive fully assembled, which is an additional feature of handmade quality furniture.


This is definitely the best set of furniture items I’ve ever owned, and it didn’t cost me a fortune- a fact which I’m particularly happy with.

This Cotswold rustic solid oak nest of tables is durable and likely to last you a lifetime. The color tone looks sophisticated, and the shape and overall design rustic and expensive. All in all, don’t hesitate to buy. Order while they still have them in stock.

Author: Rita G.

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