Cotswold Rustic Solid Oak 2+3 Chest Of Drawers

Cotswold Rustic Solid Oak 2+3 Chest Of Drawers

Looking for a Drawers set for our bedroom, we decided to go with rustic Oak furniture. Glad we ended up ordering this set. It is 100% natural oak beautifully put together, using quality oak timbers and dovetail joints. I love how spacious it is, offering different drawers sizes that can fit a lot of your things. It is a heavy and particularly sturdy set, and you can tell the quality of the oak used, as well as craftsmanship, just by observing the way it’s been put together.

Mesmerizing rustic design

Place this Cotswold rustic solid oak set in any bedroom and it will transform the space instantly. Thanks to quality craftsmanship and rustic timbers, it will stand out and draw attention. The vintage handles are the perfect touch of style and really add character to this set.

Premium grade solid oak

While some veneers are probably used in the back and base, what you see is solid premium quality oak, that looks so natural that people would assume you had this custom made just for your bedroom. We contacted the company and they assured us that this Cotswold set was hand made by skilled joiners using techniques such as inlaid paneling, and integrated runners which are, as far as I know, a traditional approach to creating such type of furniture.

Just looking at this set you can tell that all of this is exactly as described. It looks handmade and sturdy.

Features and specs:

  • Dimensions: Height- 89, width- 99, depth- 43
  • Quality 100% solid oak
  • Drawers made using dovetail joints
  • Plenty of storage
  • Drawers vary in size
  • Put together by skilled craftsmen
  • Delivered fully assembled

Customer reviews and scores:

There are not that many reviews on the internet about this drawer set, but the few you will find will tell you how mesmerizing this Cotswold drawers set looks. From the wood used, to the rustic drawers and weight, this set commands attention. Delivery is fast, and you get what you see on the pictures.


The Cotswold rustic solid oak set is without doubt money well spent. It looks amazing in our bedroom, and gives you this feeling that you own a really expensive furniture set. The rustic handles complement the oak material, and the set looks sturdy and heavy, just like it really is. You’d probably love the storage space and various drawers’ sizes just as much as I do. The Cotswold Rustic Solid Oak 2+3 Chest Of Drawers comes highly recommended by Furniture UK!

Author: Bethany L.

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