Considerations When Buying the Best Dining Table

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The family dining table is the one piece of furniture that can last you a lifetime, especially if you invest in a superbly crafted table. The best advice is to buy a table that you love and is of the best quality that you can afford. Before you start to view the dining tables in our impressive range of dining tables, it is important to make some considerations:

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  •  Budget: How much do you want to spend? For the best dining tables and chairs, you are looking at paying a higher price, but you are essentially making an investment on a piece of furniture that will last you through the years. Furniture UK stock dining tables with a range of price tags, so whatever your budget, we have the table for you.


  • Size: You should make sure that your dining table is of the right size for your room, allowing space for seating and for maneuvering easily around the table. It is often said that the general rule is to leave 48 inches between the edge of the table and the nearest wall or piece of furniture. The size will also depend on how many people you want it to seat.


  • Shape: There are many shapes of dining table and one may be more suited to your needs than another. Rectangular tables, for example, emphasizes the room’s length and seats more people whereas circular tables are great for enhancing communication as everyone can see each other.


  • Material: Choose a wood that will compliment and match your existing furniture and décor, otherwise your dining table will stick out like a sore thumb! Different wood has different feels. Oak and ash feel more formal while pine and other quick grown woods have a more informal and relaxed feel, giving it a modern edge.


  • Extending tables: Decide whether you want your dining table to be extendable. This can be especially useful when additional people will be joining your table, at Christmas for example.


  • Extending dining tables can also be great if you regularly host dinner parties, as they can be returned to their smaller size for everyday use, giving you more room when you need it the most.

Looking After Your Dining Table

Your dining room table is one of your biggest investments and should last you a good many years. In order to keep your table in optimum condition, you should ensure you regularly clean and protect it with good quality beeswax and additionally, keep it away from strong sunlight.

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