Como Wooden Ottoman Storage Bed Double / King Size

Como Wooden Ottoman Storage Bed Double / King Size

The Como Wooden Ottoman Storage Bed Double / King Size is a traditional looking master bed that provides additional space for storage. The lifting mechanism is designed to leave your hands free so you can store items without worrying over bed falling on your head. Sturdy and durable, this bed easily outshines other in the same category and price range. Manufactured with solid oak and oak veneers, it looks rich and comfortable and commands attention.

This is a traditional style bed with a dash of contemporary design that can easily fit into any bedroom.

Super reliable storage mechanism

The storage space is enormous. Almost 30 centimeters in height, and spacious enough to fit lots of blankets, clothes, or other items you want to put away. The mechanism is reliable and easy to use, and it will allow a tiny person to open the storage compartment without using any extra force.

The base is covered with cloth material to keep your items from dust, but this also means  that you should probably open it and leave it be for about 10 minutes every week or so, in order to avoid mold. This depends heavily on the mattress though, as newer mattresses breath easily, preventing mold from showing up.

Commands attention

The design is traditional first and foremost, but it would look nice in a contemporary apartment as well. The headboard adds sophistication and warmth, and the height and wooden box beneath the mattress make this bed look extra rich and warm. I for one was really convinced when I saw how affordable it was- lot of value for a fairly low price.

Features and specs:

  • Solid oak and oak veneers
  • Traditional design
  • Lacquer finish to protect the wood
  • Convenient storage mechanism that is very reliable
  • Tons of storage space
  • Cloth material under the bed so storage is clean and protected
  • Sophisticated and attractive

Customer reviews and scores

People generally complement the storage compartment, and overall design. You’ll hear how many folks are surprised by how affordable it is given the quality. Assembly is however a bit hard to grasp at first, so you’ll need to have the manual open for about 15 minutes or so before you figure out the process. After things click in your head, it’s easy to put the pieces all together.


A beautiful bed that looks rich and oozes with warmth; you’ll love how durable it is and how much convenience it offers with the storage compartment.

Author: Meri D.

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