Colada Sofa Range 3 + 2 Seater Set

Colada Sofa Range 3 + 2 Seater Set The Colada Sofa Range (3 & 2 Seater Set) is a great sofa set for families or anyone who wants something smart and comfortable. With enough seats for parents and children to sit, it provides plenty of room for relaxation. A combination of black and grey, this set would fit in with any surroundings. Quality materials Made from the best quality materials, the Colada Sofa Range (3 & 2 Seater Set) will last you a long time. The frame is covered in faux leather, with jumbo cord cushions. Inside, the cushions are filled with foam, which won't sag and provides extra comfort and support. Additional comfort is provided by a fibre layer on top of the foam. Comfortable design As well as having long lasting materials, the Colada Sofa Range (3 & 2 Seater Set) is comfortable as well. The 3 seater sofa is long enough to stretch out on and the cushions will support you as you do. The combination of sofas allows plenty of room for a couple to relax, or in a family home there is lots of room for all the family to sit together without feeling cramped. Looks after your safety A sofa is a large purchase, and the Colada Sofa Range (3 & 2 Seater Set) protects your safety. Using cheap materials can put you at risk, which is why these sofas use only the best. They are fire retardant and fully compliant with Fire Safety UK BS 5852. Features and Specs

  • Seats a family in comfort
  • Faux leather frame with jumbo cord cushions
  • Fire Safety UK BS 5852 Compliant
  • Foam filled cushions with a fibre layer for comfort and support
  • 1 year factory warrant
  • Dimensions: 2-seater sofa – height 62cm, width 156cm, depth 87cm
  • Dimensions: 3-seater sofa – height 62cm, width 193cm, depth 87cm

Customer reviews and scores With many positive customer verified Amazon reviews, you can be confident that the Colada Sofa Range (3 & 2 Seater Set) will suit your needs. As one customer said, it's ‘lovely spacious and comfortable,' while another confirms it's a ‘very lovely looking product.' ‘The sofa itself is beautiful, so comfy and looks amazing,' and it also represents ‘good value for money.' The sofa set comes ‘highly recommended' and is ‘amazing for the price.' Conclusion Whether for adults or a family, the Colada Sofa Range (3 & 2 Seater Set) delivers on every level. Large and spacious so you can sit or lie in comfort, supported by foam filled cushions. The design is modern but will not look out of place in a few years time, and the quality of the materials mean that you will still have it in a few years. The scatter cushions at the back not only add to the design but to your comfort too, providing extra support when you sit back. A quality piece of furniture, this will suit any lounge in any house and will blend in with any colour scheme you have. Save

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