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Hapilife Contemporary Kitchen Sink Chrome Dual Lever Swivel Spout

Hapilife Contemporary Kitchen Sink Chrome Dual Lever Swivel Spout

The only patented model featuring this design, the Hapilife contemporary kitchen sink chrome dual lever swivel spout is one of the most attractive models on the market.

Heavy and sturdy, it is a premium quality kitchen sink, that is made to last. Attractive and elegant, this model can fit into any kitchen, both on the contemporary end as well as traditional. Four colors are available, all having the same affordable price.  You will get 10 years warranty for this model, which is enough of a statement on its durability and premium quality built.

Unmatched quality

The model is exceptionally sturdy and, and it weighs 925g. The materials used are 59 brass, which is a measurement for class Europe brass, as opposed to cheaper and less durable materials.
The ceramic cartridge provides a super smooth control of the flow, and it will prevent leaking, as well as save on water (instant open and close of the flow).

The mirror look technology will make sure that the model stays bright and clean even after a decade of use, preserving the original color gradient. It makes this kitchen sink easy to clean and maintain.

Very elegant and stylish

The design of this model is one of a kind, and it commands attention right away. The curvature of the water dispenser is elegantly and stylistically pleasing, and the handles are unique and very stylish. The flow of water is thick and strong, and it is laser-focused as if it comes out in a solid state.
Thick as it is, the base of the sink is very attractive, and the size of the model is also rather noticeable.
As for the color, the chrome variety is captivating indeed, but all of the rest are just as dazzling as well. The white porcelain is hard to replace if you have a modern minimalistic kitchen and need to preserve the consistency in contemporary design and brightness of color.

Specs and features:

Heavier than other models (925g)
Very sturdy and durable
10-year warranty
MirrorLook technology with lifelong bright (easy to clean and maintain)
Smooth ceramic cartridge
Patented design
No leaking
Thick and strong flow of water
Very elegant and stylish

Reviews, ratings, and scores from verified buyers

Over 760 reviews on the Amazon UK store make this Hapilife contemporary kitchen sing one of the most popular models in the entire UK. The reviews are unanimously positive, as on Amazon as well across the rest of the web. A short survey with our customer base concluded what the verified buyers from Amazon are saying as well. They value the design, quality, and mirror look technology that keeps the sink in exactly the same condition as when they purchased it a few years back.


To conclude, I can say that we at Furniture UK highly recommend this model. It offers a very attractive and elegant design, provides smooth handling and is super sturdy and durable. The price, although bit higher than your average model, is still affordable when you consider the quality, style and 10-year warranty. For a great selection of brushed chrome kitchen taps, browse Furniture UK. Highly recommended!