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Most people would agree that the home’s most frequently used room is the living room. It is the focal point of any house, whether it is used for reading, watching TV, socializing or eating lunch. A living room is capable of hosting numerous activities, meaning that it is all the more important that you have furniture that is highly versatile and that also provides all of the storage space that you require for CDs, board games or any of the other items that make your living room the homely spot that it is.

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What Furniture is found in a living room?

Living rooms have long been locations for basically any type of furniture. However, sofas, chairs, a TV stand,  sideboards, and coffee or occasional tables tend to be the ones that appear most.  A modest living room can be made to feel more spacious by the presence of a large mirror in its traditional spot above the fireplace.

How to choose furniture for your living room:

The way you use your living room will naturally influence your furniture purchases, and you will need to plan differently depending on how often it is used for what purpose. A TV stand or cabinet will be required if you intend to use your living room as a spot in which to watch TV, and indeed a stand or cabinet is also often used as storage for the cable or digital box or a DVD player.

Many people, though, prefer not to have a TV, instead using the space for a compact item such as a nest of tables or bookcase that provide surfaces for items such as paper or even a cup of tea, in addition to storage for valued items such as books and DVDs that would otherwise cause a lot of clutter.

Your living room may also benefit from the addition of a coffee table, which would not only add basic practicality to your room but could also be of the exact size and format that you require, from a small size with shelves to a larger size with a wider range of storage options.

Planning your living room:

Your living room can be planned best by drawing up a scale plan. This allows you to figure out the best place in the room for each piece of furniture. You will need to think carefully about allowing for space to open the cupboards and drawers of your various furniture pieces, as well as to walk around them.

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When looking for the right place to place a TV on its stand or cabinet, consider the distance that you would like it to be from where you are likely to sit. If your TV has a 25-27 inch screen, a 2.4m gap between it and the seat would be ideal. You should leave a 3m gap if your screen is 32 inches, and if your screen is 36 inches or more, you should provide a gap of at least 3m if not more.


Furniture UK sells furniture suitable for your living room of a wide range of styles. We have every product that you could possibly wish to choose from, from modern bookcases to traditional pine TV cabinets. You will need to be confident that there will be no clashes between your newly purchased furniture and the existing décor of your home.  With the wide range of furniture available to buy from Furniture UK, you’ll be able to assemble your dream living room.

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