How to Choose your Bedside Cabinet

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The functions of bedside cabinets have altered significantly since the days when they were used as a place to store chamber pots! Now, most people use bedside cabinets to store personal items or anything they may need during the night. Common items include reading glasses, a mobile phone, an alarm clock and a glass of water.


Where is a Bedside Table Used?

The name rather gives it away – most are situated right next to a bed. Sometimes they are placed in other areas of the bedroom and it is not unusual to find them in other rooms too, for use as small tables.


There isn’t a great deal of space on bedside cabinets but there is plenty of room for all the essentials. As well as the items that I mentioned earlier, a lamp is often placed on bedside cabinets.


Most bedside cabinets have drawers or a small cupboard or sometimes both. These can be used to store things such as a blanket or medicines that you may need during the night.

Industrial Aluminium 2 Drawer Bedside Table

Accent Piece

Bedside cabinets are extremely functional, but they can also add balance and real elegance to a room, especially with one placed at either side of a double bed

Features of a Bedside Cabinet

Bedside cabinets come in a whole host of forms and styles. Furniture UK has cabinets made out of many different types of wood and with varying numbers of drawers. Some have just drawers, some have just a cupboard, and some have a mix of a cupboard and drawers.

Choosing a Bedside Cabinet

There are four things that you need to consider before jumping in and buying a bedside cabinet:

  •     The current décor in your bedroom. If you have wooden furniture you must pay attention to its type and colour in order to match you bedside cabinet with this existing furniture.
  •     Whether you want a modern or classic style bedside cabinet. Mercuro stock both contemporary and traditional styles.
  •      How much you want to store in it. Furniture UK`s bedside cabinets vary in their amount of storage space, some having no drawers to those having six.

London Calling 3 Drawer Bedside Cabinet

How to Care for your Bedside Table

One of the best ways of looking after your new bedside cabinet is to regularly clean it with good-quality beeswax. It is also important to keep your cabinet away from direct sunlight and to avoid placing it in front of radiators or heaters as the heat could cause shrinkage.




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