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Chicco Dove Grey Sleeping Crib

Chicco Dove Grey Sleeping Crib

This crib allows you to sleep next to your baby but in your own bed. It has a travel bag so it can be used for holidays and is lightweight. The height is adjustable and one side folds down so you can sleep next to your baby for peace of mind.

Promotes side sleeping

The Chicco Dove Grey Sleeping Crib has been designed to promote side sleeping, which can help a baby. One side folds down and it can be pulled up next to a bed so mum can sleep right next to the baby. The height is adjustable and it makes it easier to tend to the baby if it wakes in the night. It also give the baby confidence that their mother is not far away. The feet slide neatly underneath a bed so there is no gap for the baby to fall through.

Travel Cot

The sleeping crib can be used as a travel cot, which gives a baby the security of sleeping in the same environment. The cot can be folded into a travel bag and reassembled to the height of any bed. The base of the bed can be inclined to help with congestion and reflux and generally help the baby to get a better night’s sleep. As the baby grows, the cot can be moved further away from the bed as the side can be raised so it is a normal crib.

Features and Specs

Suitable from birth to 6 months/9 kg
Co-sleeping crib that promotes side-sleeping
Allows you to sleep close to your child
Can be used as a normal crib
Light and easy to transport
Travel bag included
Adjustable height with an inclinable base

Customer reviews and scores

While some parents say the mattress is too hard for their baby, this can be easily overcome with a softer mattress. Babies sleep better as they can see their mothers, and being able to adjust the height makes it easier to put the baby in or take them out to feed. It is easy to assemble and very sturdy and the legs are easy to slide in place. It provides new mothers with peace of mind and a little help with nursing at night too.


The side sleeping crib is a great help to nursing mothers, and it helps a baby to sleep feeling more relaxed too. The height can be altered to match any bed so the crib can be taken to grandparents houses too and it helps mothers to keep a watchful eye on their babies when they need it the most.