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Charter Solid High Quality Oak Dining Table

Charter Solid High Quality Oak Dining Table

The charter solid oak dining table is a great looking, small piece of furniture, which comfortably sits up to 4 people. It features a noticeable table top, made out of quality 100% oak, and simple yet sturdy-looking design. This table is the perfect addition for any small apartment and dining room, and comes at a very affordable price.

Extra quality craftsmanship

With oak tables that use veneer, you can usually notice the irregular lines in the wood. This table doesn’t use veneer, but 100% solid oak instead. This results with clean-cut lines, and expensive hand-crafted look. The top is made out of cross fitted oak pieces, which reinforces the table and adds to how sturdy and robust it looks.

Hardwearing lacquer protection

The oak material is not enough when looking for a natural touch. I had the experience to order other tables previously, for my two sisters, and both had coating on top that made them look rather cheap.That’s not the case with this charter oak dining table. The hardwearing protection used here would grant you increased usage, but given how it is light lacquer, it will also preserve that natural and desired look.

Even if you place this table directly under a source of light, it won’t gloss like other cheap varieties.

Features and specs:

  • 100% quality oak
  • Dimensions: length- 90, width- 90, height- 77
  • Clean-cut lines
  • Sturdy and heavy
  • Modern looking and comfortable
  • Easy to assemble

Customer reviews and scores:

Customers love the cross fitted butcher top panel that comes for an extra durability and strength as well as the heavy legs that make this table particularly sturdy and balanced. The quality oak complements smaller dining rooms, and many reviews (out of the 30 positive ones one Amazon- which is almost all of them), praise how expensive it looks for the money.


This charter solid oak dining table is one of the best choices for a smaller apartment or dining room. With its natural look, sturdy (and heavy!) legs, and cross-fitted top, it will introduce warmth to your place, while at the same time looking modern and expensive. I love my table a lot, and will definitely buy other two for my sisters soon. Considering the price and the quality balance, I’d say this is a real bargain.

Author: Samuel T.