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Brunton Long John Antique Pine Coffee Table

Brunton Long John Antique Pine Coffee Table Review

A wonderful pine coffee table can be the difference between a drub living space and one that elicits life comfort and happiness. With the Brunton Long John Antique Pine Coffee Table you’ve a chance to enjoy these important feats in your living room courtesy of its make, difference and quality. It blends both coffee table usability and a spacious shelf beneath in an innovative furniture design and finish that leaves behind a most satisfying piece, affordable and highly rated by verified customers online.

Antique pine

In every home the quality of the furniture, its craftsmanship and overall feel and look leaves behind the most memorable picture in the mind of every visitor. You deserve top quality material and a well made choice in a coffee table to make everything else consist in your living space, such as the Brunton Long John Antique Pine Coffee Table. It’s deemed the easiest to assemble and put together once it has been delivered in your home, especially due to the full, clear instructions provided.

Sturdy and ideal for its purpose

Whether you’re thinking about an additional coffee table to your home or the main one to bring downstairs for visitors and guests the Brunton Long John Antique Pine Coffee Table is an ideal choice. Its antique pine finish and usefulness will come in handy. This is especially so due to the added spacious shelf beneath that can hold lots of magazines, newspapers among other items that would naturally clutter any living space. It’s also a coffee table that easily matches most furniture in a home due to its familiar detail and antique finish amidst being highly affordable.

Specs and features

  • Measures 915mm width by 455mm depth by 430mm height
  • Self-assembly
  • Assembly instructions provided
  • 10 kilograms weight
  • Antique pine

Customer ratings and reviews

Presented in an antique pine and superb sturdy look, the Brunton Long John Antique Pine Coffee Table is a quality choice for any living room as the main coffee table or an addition for those critical times guests have come calling. Verified buyers consider the coffee table an ‘excellent value’, ‘easy to assemble’, ‘sturdy’, ‘good value’, ‘well made’, ‘promptly delivered’ and ‘highly recommended’.


A well recommended coffee table by verified purchasers is definitely worth checking out, in particular Brunton Long John Antique Pine Coffee Table; its ease of assembly, spacious shelf and antique pine finish bring out the best of any living space.