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Bristan Chrome Basin Pillar Taps

Bristan Chrome Basin Pillar Taps

A classic and timely model, designed to fit into any bathroom, while coordinating with the 1901 bathroom accessories range. The rustic design of these Bristan N 1901 basin pillar taps blends perfectly with modern technology that grants durability, smooth knobs, and water efficiency.  The flow can be micro regulated, and thanks to the ceramic disc technology that is installed in most of the contemporary models, there is no risk of leaking or dripping. The model comes in either chrome or gold finish and is thick plated to a quality standard, retaining its shine even after years of use. Additionally, you’ll get a 5-year warranty that speaks volumes of the quality of this model.

Commands attention

If you are not the type of person who enjoys the minimalist and ultra-modern, this is the perfect bathroom basin for making a statement. Whatever else might be said, it commands attention right away.
Very elegant and super stylish, it looks far more expensive than it actually is. Though it’s not as affordable as many of the other models in our review catalogue, it is still a bargain considering the delicate design, as well as the double base. The chrome finish looks magnificent, and it will protect this model for many years, without a specific requirement for maintenance.  The gold model, on the other hand, is really attractive. If your design concept allows for it, it will look stunning as part of any bathroom.This is a premium quality model, so expect the performance to match the looks.

Specs and features:

Classic and timeless design
Premium quality
Ceramic disc technology
Ultra smooth-turning knobs
Much control over the flow
5 years warranty
Super durable and sturdy
Comes in either chrome or gold
Suitable for high and low-pressure plumbing systems
Very attractive

Reviews, ratings, and scores from verified buyers

The reviews from verified Amazon buyers are almost unanimously positive. They rate this model highly and seem to agree with most of my conclusions during the testing that we decided to run. There is some mention of the chrome plating coming off after a year, but I’d suspect that to be a result of abrasive substances used fairly often, as well as mold piling up and destroying the surface on the long term. If you do not have a problem with excessive mold, nor use abrasive substances fairly often, expect the plating to last for years on end without as much of a scratch showing.


All in all, do not hesitate to buy this timeless model. If you think it will fit in your overall design concept, definitely go for it. This is a high-quality bathroom basin, that is very elegant and stylish, and it looks far more expensive than it actually is. The chrome plating makes it easy to clean, and the 5-year warranty should definitely give you a peace of mind. Perhaps one of the best models we have reviewed in our store – Highly recommended! For a selection of quality Bristan 1901 basin taps, visit us now!