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Amy Grey Fabric Corner Sofa

Amy Grey Fabric Corner Sofa

Sturdy yet soft, the Amy Grey fabric corner sofa is one of the best in our catalogue. It features a premium quality hardwood frame, that’s been kiln dried, glued and additionally reinforced, making it one of the most durable corner sofas you will find on the market.

It is fitted with extra filled cushions that provide soft comfort, both for the back and under. The sides are nicely finished with an additional armrest that is quality stitched and super soft as well. The model includes a matching footstool available upon contacting the Amazon listing.

Premium quality and extra durability

The base of this Amy Grey fabric corner sofa is the work of skilled craftsmen, with the frame being manufactured in premium quality hardwood. The material is kiln dried, glued and then additionally reinforced, ensuring a sturdy and reliable back support that is never going to give up under pressure and years of use.
The fabric is soft and easy to clean and is as durable as you might expect. It is additionally stitched in order to preserve its durability, hence outperforming several designs within this category. The fabric would easily conceal stains and small imperfections after years of use, so that’s another plus I’m considering as well.

Very spacious and elegant

The dimensions of this sofa are generously large, and it provides comfort for anyone regardless of size and weight. The depth of the seat is sufficient, and you will definitely be able to sit back and relax comfortably, experiencing a feeling of sinking down into the soft and quality cushion. Thanks to the large cushions, it can seat at least 5 people very comfortably. You can even use the armrest as a substitute for a seating cushion, or rest your head there while taking a nap. The depth is very generous, so you will be able to relax for a longer nap if you so prefer.

Expect delivery between 1 and 3 weeks, but you will probably receive the shipment after or within the first week. There is a 12 months warranty included as well, and the price covers both delivery and assembly.

Specs and features

Spacious corner sofa
Hardwood frame, kiln dried, glued and reinforced
Soft cushions for the back and under
High-quality fabric
Very comfortable
Armrest on each side
Can comfortably seat 5 people
235 cm to both sides;
Height 90 cm to top – 68 cm for armrest;
45 cm seat height;
6 cm seat depth

Reviews, ratings, and scores from verified buyers

The reviews from verified customers on Amazon UK are super positive, and the feedback from our customers here at Furniture UK is very positive as well. Thus so far, we haven’t had a single complaint. The sofa is ranked among the top products within its category, and it is reasonably affordable considering both the quality as well as spaciousness.


If you can afford the price, do not hesitate to place the order. The bad thing about this listing is that it can run out of stock fairly often, so bookmark the page if it is not currently available. If you need a family sofa that can seat up to 5 people very comfortably, can be used for napping and long seating sessions in front of the TV, there is hardly any better. Highly recommended! For a selection of left hand corner sofas, wait no longer, browse Furniture UK!