Boston Solid 7 Oak Chest of Drawers

Boston Solid 7 Oak Chest of Drawers

The Boston solid oak drawer set is a quality piece of furniture. It perfectly fits our expanded hallway, offering tons of storage space, as if we were using a whole closet. It is 100% white oak, and no veneers or MDF is used anywhere in the product, including the base of the drawers or the back. This will ensure extended lifetime, and allow you to pack each drawer full of items without having to worry whether or not it holds the weight.

This is especially handy when we are talking about larger drawer sets such as this one.

Quality craftsmanship

It shouldn’t surprise you to hear how the set is handmade by skilled craftsmen after the oak timber is seasoned properly. Using traditional wood joining techniques, the drawers are constructed out of dovetail joints, to be stronger and more durable.

It is then covered and waxed with clear lacquer, preserving the wood natural look and gradient, making it look more premium and expensive.

Tons of storage space

Not only that you have tons of storage, but the drawers are nicely divided into 4 larger ones, and 3 smaller. It also helps that the craftsmanship is premium quality, ensuring the durability of each drawer. This means that you can fill them to your heart’s content. The top panel of the set is thick and sufficiently large to display all sorts of items and tokens of family importance. We keep pictures and few ornaments, but I’m thinking about reorganizing with some art exhibits later this year.

Features and specs:

  • 100% quality solid oak
  • No veneers or MDF anywhere in the product
  • Enormous amount of storage space
  • Drawers divided between 4 large ones and 3 smaller
  • Dimensions: length- 132, width- 46, height- 73.5
  • Contemporary design that fits into any design concept
  • Delivered fully assembled

Customer reviews and scores

The Boston Solid 7 Oak Chest of Drawers is probably one of the best larger sets for the price. Out of the few reviews that you can find on the internet, people complement the quality material being used, as well as the smooth and clear lacquer finish. It is delivered fully assembled, so that is a huge plus as well.


This drawer set is perfect for those who want extra storage but also need something more appealing than a closet. It is of impeccable quality, looks beautiful and sturdy, and may very well become the centerpiece of your hallway or bedroom.

Author: Jenny C.

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