An Insight into the Best Coffee Tables in the UK… Best Coffee Tables as we know in the current day and age derive from two designs. During the Victorian era in Britain, coffee tables were designed in order to sit against low-backed sofas and acted as a place to set down a book or a… Read the full article

Most people would agree that the home’s most frequently used room is the living room. It is the focal point of any house, whether it is used for reading, watching TV, socializing or eating lunch. A living room is capable of hosting numerous activities, meaning that it is all the more important that you have… Read the full article

A brief history: Georgia and Iran are the countries where wine was first made, as far back as 6000 BC. There is archaeological evidence, in the form of clay cups containing resin, that wine was first produced in Europe in Greece around 1,500 years afterward. 17th century Europe saw the introduction of wine in bottles,… Read the full article

A brief history: The  first originated in the form of the 17th century’s serving tables, which were situated in the dining room and were used to carve a joint of meat from, as well as to store utensils and plates. This made it a functional piece of furniture rather than a sophisticated one. The idea… Read the full article

The dresser originated in the 18th century when it first began appearing in the homes of the gentry as a place to display prized tableware. However, through the years the dresser has become a feature of less well-off and rural homes.  are a traditional staple piece for any home since it uniquely combines the visual… Read the full article

No longer do all chair buyers merely slavishly buy whatever chairs match their table. Today, buyers like to flaunt their individuality with various attractive and distinctive designs, of which Furniture UK has plenty. We have a wide choice of best dining chairs to suit your every mood, including those that actually do match your table!… Read the full article

The family dining table is the one piece of furniture that can last you a lifetime, especially if you invest in a superbly crafted table. The best advice is to buy a table that you love and is of the best quality that you can afford. Before you start to view the dining tables in… Read the full article

Between 4th and 7th September 2016, the Autumn Fair will open its doors at the NEC Birmingham UK. The show is usually celebrated as the number one season’s show for home and gift trade displays and has been a must attend for lots of global and UK based buyers.  The Autumn Fair was first held… Read the full article

The Autumn Long Point exhibition will be running from 12th of September to the 14th, 2016 starting from nine in the morning to six in the afternoon everyday in the Long Eaton area.  Known brands such as Parker Knoll and Duresta have exhibited their freshest collections over the years in the 17-year-old trade event that… Read the full article

Glee is an outdoor living and garden tradeshow of its own kind. It’s the best way of discovering top market products while sourcing unique products from various categories on show, perhaps to set yourself apart from your rivals and be inspired by the best. Glee is a great place to view hundreds of fresh products… Read the full article