Best Wardrobes in the UK, different models, sizes and materials

Choosing a wardrobe is not an easy job. There are so many different models to compare against one another, and so many quality criteria to take into consideration. The best wardrobes are spacious, sturdy, and nicely balanced on one side, yet elegant and attractive on the other. For this reason we’ve put together a guide on buying the best wardrobe – before you scroll to the end of this page you will see some of the best wardrobe suggestions, including what to look for and how to evaluate every model.

BEST 2018


Romance French Antique White Double Wardrobe

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Modern Bedroom Mirror Sliding Door Wardrobe

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Steens Richmond 2 Door Wardrobe

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Core Products Antique Wax 3 Door Wardrobe

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Julian Bowen Stone White Cameo 2 Door Wardrobe

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Tons of storage space, and a nicely segmented interior layout. It has a reinforced construction, with design that commands attention. With 79 Kg of weight it is a fortress of durability and balance.

Ridiculously spacious, with 7 shelves included, plus a huge mirror surface on the front. If you need ultimate convenience and style, go with this one and you won’t regret it. Very affordable as well.

Very stylish and very affordable wardrobe unit with solid pine boards for the top and base.

Very spacious, very elegant, and the most affordable in its category. The black hardware gives a perfect contrast to the Mexican corona style wood and antique wax. Also very durable and sturdy!

Most elegant of them all, with premium quality construction and nice protective lacquer finish. It is moderately priced, attractive and structurally reinforced as well.


Slightly pricey for its category, though it’s definitely worth it!

None whatsoever!

Not the strongest built quality

Not that easy to assemble due to weight and size

Kind of lightweight, other than that, none whatsoever!


If you need an attractive wardrobe that is also very pragmatic, with a nicely segmented interior layout, there is hardly a better option than this Roman double wardrobe.

This is the most attractive sliding doors wardrobe, which is also super convenient and very affordable. If you need a huge mirror in the bedroom, the convenience of sliding doors and tons of segmented storage space, go with this one.

If you need a small and cute wardrobe storage unit, this is the most affordable option there is. You can choose between four colors options, ensuring the model matches the rest of your interior design.

One of the best 3 doors wardrobe models on the market. If you need extra storage space and want to have an antique looking corona style unit, this is the perfect one.

If you need a durable and attractive wardrobe unit, there is no better model than this one. Most highly recommended!


193 cm height x 115 cm width x 59 cm depth

250 cm width x 215 cm height x 60 cm depth

191 cm height x 90 cm width x 59 cm depth

189 cm height x 151 cm width x 56 cm depth

182 cm height x 94 cm width x 52 cm depth


Two doors, plus a large drawer

Sliding doors wardrobe (3 doors with a mirror surface)

2 doors wardrobe

3 doors wardrobe

2 doors wardrobe


79 Kg

Heaviest of all

48 Kg

73.5 Kg

29.3 Kg



16mm high quality laminated board



Solid pine / mdf


Hinged doors

With mirror

Top shelf and a hanging rail underneath the top shelf

Single rail all along

Internal shelf and a hanging rail


Pricey, considering the other models

Very affordable for this category

Most affordable of all

Most affordable in its category

Reasonably affordable


Partially assembled, for easy access

Flat packed, for easy access

No, Easy self assembly


No, Easy self-assembly


Romance French Antique White Double Wardrobe

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Modern Bedroom Mirror Sliding Door Wardrobe

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Steens Richmond 2 Door Wardrobe

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Core Products Antique Wax 3 Door Wardrobe

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Julian Bowen Stone White Cameo 2 Door Wardrobe

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How to choose the best wardrobe?

Despite its perceived simplicity, a wardrobe is not a storage piece of furniture only. Designed with decorative intent as well, it can legitimately transform your bedroom. If enough attention to detail is being paid, the wardrobe can fit nicely into the overall interior concept, making your room look spacious and stylistically consistent.

Most of the time, however, you will want a premium craftsmanship model, with nicely aligned boards, that are created to last. If you choose well, a wardrobe unit can last for several decades at least.

The third thing you would be looking for is sturdiness and overall stability. And this is where both design and weight come into play. The best wardrobes should keep under storage pressure, and don’t give up structurally after years of use. Even a squeaky door can be an alarm for compromised durability.

The best wardrobes should have a reinforced central hanger, which is a fancy way of saying that the rail should be supported in the middle of the wardrobe, by another wooden panel, or they should simply be embedded deeper into the far left and right. Generally speaking, a thicker wooden board is what you are after.

Cleaning off dust is largely what maintenance is all about, so make sure to look for wardrobe units where the top board is flat, and reasonably smooth. If the model is elevated from the floor, it usually translates into mode dusting on a monthly basis. But design wise the room would look much more spacious.

The selection below is a list of the best wardrobes in UK, featuring different models from slightly different categories. Needless to say, it is designed to accommodate every taste, and certainly every budget. Most of these models are affordable, considering the price/value ratio, and they are selected mostly because of their durability and fine craftsmanship.

Wardrobes UK

Delivery, mostly, is free to mainland UK, and there is an instruction manual on how to assemble them all without any assistance. I have a lot of experience doing this type of work, but even if you never held a screwdriver in your hand, not a lot of complexity is involved.

The list includes a corona style wardrobe, a sliding doors wardrobe, two-door and three-door wardrobes and different style varieties. All of them, without exception, are heavy enough and sturdy enough to allow for a maximum use of their storage capacity. Some have more and better designed interior sections, while others are much simpler.

So without further ado, let’s have a look.


Romance French Antique White Double Wardrobe

Romance French Antique White Double Wardrobe

An aesthetical statement as much as it is a functional piece of furniture, the Romance double wardrobe is visually impressive. It is a stunning French antique white wardrobe, with two elegantly positioned doors and a large drawer.

Made of solid wood, it is several leagues ahead of competing models when it comes to quality. The skilled craftsmanship sets this model apart, and the quality finish makes it more durable than any other competitor on the market.

It is a very sturdy and nicely balanced piece of furniture that looks elegant and stylish, without sacrificing comfort of use. The doors open effortlessly, and the weight alone is an indicator to quality. The drawer slides easily, regardless of the storage load, and the whole unit can pack quite a sizeable number of clothes.

Two colors are available, in either antic white or true white, both sold for the same price.

Premium quality and ultra-stylish

Even though the wardrobe is relatively large, it looks very chick and elegant. On the outside, it seems far smaller than what it provides in terms of storage.

The curvature at the top is unique and stylish, making this piece rather recognizable. And even though I’m a style aficionado, aesthetics alone is not why I fall in love with this model.

It is very strong, heavy and sturdy, and remains balanced even after you pack as many clothes as you can fit. The built seems to be extremely durable, and I suspect that it will take several decades to actually wear this one out.

The color consistency, regardless of which option you choose, is impeccable. The attention to detail is unlike anything I’ve ever reviewed so far.

A very convenient wardrobe

While it arrives flat-packed, the process of assembling it is rather easy. There is even a video instruction presented on Amazon UK, and most of the time it’s a one-man job.

The company includes wall fittings for almost the entirety of their catalogue, so expect this unit to remain balanced no matter what.

The doors close perfectly when assembled properly, which is a true testament to skilled craftsmanship. I’ve had my fair share of wardrobes to assemble, only to discover that many companies ship their products with factory flaws. Not this one, however!

The central rail is strong and durable and it can endure a tremendous amount of load. The wardrobe is very spacious, and you will be able to store rows of folded clothes below the hanging coats, and then some in the drawer as well.

The doors and drawer open smoothly and evenly which saves you from frustration and in fact keeps the unit balanced even after years of use.

Specs and features:

  • Two color options to choose from
  • 2 doors
  • 1 large drawer
  • Very sturdy
  • Heavy and balanced
  • Wall fittings included
  • Delivered flat-packed
  • Easy to assemble
  • Premium quality model

Reviews, ratings, and scores from verified buyers

The price alone is what prevents most customers from ordering this magnificent model. However, the verified reviews are vastly positive. People are satisfied with the premium quality of this model, and the combination between a specious interior and attractive exterior.


If you have the budget, and like to own a premium quality super durable model, this Romance double wardrobe is perhaps the best option. It is a stylistic statement as much as it is a functional piece of furniture, and it will decorate your bedroom for decades on end. Highly recommended!

Romance French Antique White Double Wardrobe

Modern Bedroom Mirror Sliding Door Wardrobe

Modern Bedroom Mirror Sliding Door Wardrobe

The most attractive yet affordable sliding door wardrobe, the Arti 2 is a mix of style and convenience. It features two large hanging spaces, with lots of space underneath, and 7 shelves where you can probably store your entire wardrobe.

The top-to-bottom sliding doors are covered with a mirror surface, with a bit of decorative elements on the top side. This will make any room look bigger than it actually is, as well as provide the pleasure of having a mirror where you need one the most.

My wife swears by having a mirror in the bedroom, and we’ve been discussing to replace one of our closets in order to install a sliding door wardrobe. Needless to say, this one is at the top of my list, especially when you consider the free delivery (check Amazon however, since only certain parts of the country qualify for the free delivery).

Measuring 250 cm in length, 60 cm in depth, and 215 in height, this is quite a spacious wardrobe. It is delivered flat-packet, and you’ll have to figure things out for yourself, unless you qualify for the free delivery and assembly service (check out the chart again).

Premium quality model

Constructed with a 16mm high quality laminated board, the wardrobe will endure the test of time. It is very heavy, sturdy, and nicely balanced thanks to the solid wood material as well as precision cuts during the manufacturing process. When assembled properly, they boards fit together perfectly – it is truly a fortress of stability and sturdiness.

It comes in wenge (or dark chocolate, if you so prefer), and features minimalist and slim sliver colored plastic handles.

The doors slide smoothly and evenly, and it truly feels like a premium-end model.

Very convenient and affordable

Considering the inside layout, spaciousness, quality built and mirror surface, this model is a real bargain. It offers twice the storage of other furniture items with the similar price, even without taking into account the upper shelves.

Adding the mirror surface and the sliding mechanism, you can say that it is one of a kind, especially when considering the price.

We were planning to replace the old closet along with the mirror, and when doing the calculus it seems as though it is super expensive to order and mount a mirror surface of this size, yet alone combine it with a spacious wardrobe, all under the same price tag.

Specs and features:

  • Modern and elegant storage solution
  • Large sliding doors
  • Smooth sliding mechanism
  • Seven additional shelves
  • 16mm high quality laminated boards
  • Dark chocolate
  • Dimensions: 250 cm length x 60 cm depth x 215 cm height
  • Check Amazon for delivery options (free in most parts of the country)

Reviews, ratings, and scores from verified buyers

There are very positive reviews from customers over at Amazon, and lots of positive feedback from other stores selling this model as well. We haven’t have any complaints so far, and the value-for-price math is often getting people to take interest.


If you need a large storage unit that also offers the convenience of sliding doors and a huge mirror surface, there is hardly a better option on the market. If you are not ready to negotiate with a carpenter, and come up with a personal interior layout, then this is perhaps the best model there is. Very sturdy and durable, incredibly spacious and convenient, it will definitely make your life easier. And considering the super affordable price, I’d highly recommend it.

Modern Bedroom Mirror Sliding Door Wardrobe

Steens Richmond 2 Door Wardrobe

Steens Richmond 2 Door Wardrobe

A style statement on its own, the Steens Richmond 2-door wardrobe is one of the most elegant models on the market. It comes with a selection of four color combinations, but I prefer the Cream/pine option since it adds unprecedented style and depth to the model.

Proportionally satisfying, the model features a classic design that can easily fit into any bedroom. Contemporary or rustic, it doesn’t really matter.

The two boards, on the top and bottom, stylistically frame the model, and the visual sectional divide is quite attractive. Contrasting the cream panels, two small handles are centrally located as an added stylistic touch.

The wardrobe is also conveniently raised above the floor, so it opens up the room nicely.

The attention to detail on this model is spectacular, which makes it look far more expensive than it actually is.

Premium quality model

The wardrobe is constructed of high quality MDF, while the base, top and handles are made of solid pine. Once assembled all parts fit perfectly aligning the doors, as if the model was preassembled in the factory.

The weight of this Steens Richmond 2-door wardrobe is enough to keep it balanced regardless of the load, and at 48 Kg it is generously sturdy and balanced as you might expect.

The doors open smoothly, without friction, and close completely.

Very attractive

While the interior provides lots of storage space, the exterior looks compact. It is elegantly tall, with nicely designed front panels, and two boards to add to its sophisticated look.

It is, considering the price, the most elegant model within its category. And one can easily argue that it looks much more expensive even when compared to models double the price.

The attention to detail is surprising, and observing every edge you will see that much work went into manufacturing this model.

The four color options preserve the color consistency, with the exception of the pine model that has a more natural look, showing the imperfections of the wood.

Specs and features:

  • Elegant and attractive
  • Timeless design
  • High quality MDF panels
  • Solid pine boards and handles
  • Bun feet
  • Very sturdy and nicely balanced
  • Much attention to detail
  • 48 Kg weight
  • Dimensions: 185 cm tall x 88 cm wide x 57 cm deep
  • Easy to assemble

Reviews, ratings, and scores from verified buyers

With more than 20 reviews, this model is one of the most popular items within its category. The price/quality ration is unprecedented, and people love the attractive, elegant and stylistic appearance.

With the base separated from the floor, it does mean that you’ll have to vacuum eventually, for dust will pile up easily. And this is something that people often notice. The top, however, is really easy to clean when opposed to other models.


If you need a small wardrobe that also looks stunningly elegant, this one is perhaps the best option there is. With high quality materials and premium quality built, it will only become more popular. The price tag is reasonably affordable, and considering the amount of detail do expect to find a similar option elsewhere but for double the price. Highly recommended!

Steens Richmond 2 Door Wardrobe

Core Products Antique Wax 3 Door Wardrobe

Core Products Antique Wax 3 Door Wardrobe

If you fancy the Mexican Corona style furniture, this is perhaps one of the most attractive wardrobe units ever sold. Natural looking and elegant, it is supplemented with contrasting black hardware, and much attention to detail.

The wardrobe is quite spacious, offering three door hanging storage space, plus 3 relatively large shelves and ample space on the floor. The interior is very spacious, somewhat brighter in color, which means it reflects the light better, and without central divisions between each door space. Storing and maneuvering clothes and items is therefore much easier.

The model is more than 70 kilograms heavy, which provides sufficient stability and sturdiness, allowing you to use its full storage capacity and then some. The doors are relatively thick, fit perfectly against the frame, and look spectacular.

Though this is not the highest end of material ever being used, it is still reasonably solid, and therefore surprisingly sturdy and durable.

Attractive Corona style wardrobe

The curvature of the board, along with that of the bottom one is visually highlighting the unit. The doors are perhaps the best representative of the corona style furniture, and they feature the full splendor of the natural wood texture.

The color is perfect and it will blend everywhere, and the attention to detail is what makes it look elegant and chick. Without it, a wardrobe of this size would definitely clutter the room.

The handles are quite small, and some people would complain about it, but they do add a bit of sophisticated style.

Plenty of storage

Other models that utilize the same layout would often put panel boards between each section. And while this is useful at times, nine out of ten it makes the storage space look smaller, and far less convenient.

No separation boards usually means more options to stack clothes and items against one another, and if you have a lot of things to store it definitely makes a difference.

Specs and features:

  • Attractive Mexican Corona style furniture
  • Premium quality looking wood
  • Very stylish with much attention to detail
  • Extra spacious
  • Black hardware for added contrast
  • Protective wax
  • Very long hanging rail
  • Very long shelf above the rail
  • Ample space beneath the hanging rail
  • Heavy and sturdy
  • Durable and strong
  • No separation boards between the doors
  • Dimensions: 151.6 cm in width x 56.2 cm in depth x 189.7 cm in height
  • Weight: 73.5 Kg

Reviews, ratings, and scores from verified buyers

Few reviews are available on Amazon UK, and they are all from verified buyers rating this model positively. Assembling can take a bit of time, and it is not a job for one, but once in place it fits perfectly and can store a lot of clothes.


If you want to buy plenty of storage and decorate your room at the same time, there is no model better than this one. The Core Products three door wardrobe, in antique wax is relatively affordable, and it provides a sturdy and durable storage unit, that looks attractive and fits perfectly with all your other corona style furniture. Highly recommended!

Core Products Antique Wax 3 Door Wardrobe

Julian Bowen Stone White Cameo 2 Door Wardrobe

Julian Bowen Stone White Cameo 2 Door Wardrobe

Stylish and attractive, the Julian Bowen Cameo 2 door wardrobe in stone white is perhaps the most elegant model on the market. Featuring a set of beautifully designed front panels, in a clean and depth-rich color, it captures your attention right away.

The model is constructed from solid pine, with several MDF boards installed as well. The surface is covered with a stone white lacquered finish, which will ensure durability and stunning appearance.

What I like especially about this model, aside from the premium quality craftsmanship, are the reinforcing elements firmly built in into the frame. The hanging rail is additionally strengthened, as is the shelf, and you get magnets to hold the doors into place. As opposed to other models featuring only 2, this Julian Bowen Cameo 2 door wardrobe is featuring 3 door attachments, essentially improving the durability of the unit regardless of how aggressively you decide to pull and open the doors.

The most elegant model of all

With great attention to detail, the Julian Bowen line has established itself as one of the most prestigious, elegant, and decorative sets of furniture. This model is a true testament to the classic design concept, featuring clean cut lines and decorative symmetrical geometry.

The seemingly angled legs elevate it slightly, highlighting the central boards. The frame is geometrically satisfying, and the doors fit in perfectly for a closed and compact unit.

The small central handles and the geometrical pattern on the front give perceived depth to the model, making it much more attractive than similar wardrobe units. The color can be blamed as well – I’ve never seen a more evenly distributed and consistent finish.

Two options are available – the 2-door unit and the 3-door unit – and both are equally attractive.

Best quality on the market

With a frame constructed from solid pine, and several reinforcements built in, expect this model to outlive most of its competitors. Though surprisingly light, it is sturdy, durable and very nicely aligned.

The lacquer finish is very thick and consistent, providing a protective shell against years of usage.

With 182 cm in height, 94 cm in width and 52 cm in depth, the model is very nicely balanced.

Specs and features:

  • Most elegant model on the market
  • Solid pine frame with MDF boards
  • Additionally reinforced rail and doors
  • Lots of storage space
  • Protective lacquer finish on top
  • Dimensions: 182 cm height x 94 cm width x 52 cm depth
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Nicely balanced
  • Perfectly aligned
  • Reasonably affordable considering the quality

Reviews, ratings, and scores from verified buyers

Many reviews are available online, and there are several of them on Amazon UK as well. All in all, the feedback from customers is very positive, and once assembled properly the Julian Bowen Cameo wardrobe is recognized for what it is – a truly exceptional unit.


If you want to beautify your bedroom, and order a premium quality super attractive model, you cannot go wrong with this one. Although pricey for its category it is still relatively affordable considering the fine craftsmanship and reinforced elements. Elegant as no other, this is one of my favorite models. Highly recommended!

Julian Bowen Stone White Cameo 2 Door Wardrobe

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